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FYRLYT is unique in the world. 3 Reasons why it is superior.

Since FYRLYT's formation in 2011, we have remained adamant as to the importance of light quality specifically for the purpose driving regardless of technology. First and foremost the measure of CRI (colour rendering index). No LED or HID currently meets the benchmark FYRLYT demanded. 100 CRI. (more below) Expanded detail can be read here "3 REASONS WHY".

Whilst the industry promotes LED & HID, FYRLYT stands alone.

You maybe perplexed as to FYRLYT's position when every other brand, 99.9% of media and salespeople will insist the LED or HIDs they sell or benefit from advertising revenue are best and anything HALOGEN is old fashioned and no longer relevant. Consider the actual evidence below re CRI and you maybe surprised.

FYRLYT or LED / HID? How to decide.

Analyse the basic engineering and verifiable science to evaluate what is the true value and performance proposition for your purpose. With many lights performing about the same the marketing often becomes inflated snake oil with catch phrases and claims that just do not stand up. FYRLYT is different in that what we say can be objectively verified and confirmed by cross referencing to overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.

The litmus test of FYRLYT's claims.

Consider this proposition. FYRLYT has been designing and manufacturing in Australia since 2011 and the vast majority of our customers have previously used LEDs or HIDs. If what we sell was not delivering what we claim it would defy logic that we would still be in business but also continuing to grow market share.

These diagrams prove why FYRLYT is a superior to LED or HID.

The following statement is made in context of all light sources being an equivalent volume and brightness. Consider these diagrams and you will know more than the average salesperson, media off road guru, influencer, and even leading brand 'light designers'. This is basic science and lies at the core of FYRLYT's design ethos and every light product. WHY others are ignorant or dismissive about it will be elaborated in a future BLOG post. Remember, the latest trend is not always necessarily best.

The simple truth. If the light source does not project the colour you WILL NOT SEE IT! Blue biased bright white lights are actually far from ideal despite the HYPE.

Driving at night is a very specific task with many challenges for the human eye and brain re driver input reflexes and adaptive night vision especially as we get older. Ask a qualified doctor or qualified academic rather than believing everything the advertising revenue led media tells you as 'expert' opinion.

Look at the CRI HALOGEN overlay re *LEDs, WARM and the most typical driving light version, COLD. All that spectral colour data is missing so you will not be able to see it.  


Some of the most expensive LED & HID lights ($1500+) on the market ONLY DELIVER 70 CRI and yet, FYRLYT DELIVERS the full 100 CRI. That is 42% MORE! 


Worse still is those missing colours are in the region you need to see typical animals or other environmental hazards! Seriously!


The fact is blinding white lights that may impress 'newbies' or 'fan boys' are actually a very poor choice, especially in extended use. Professional drivers and particularly their employers should be aware of this! Eye and therefore driver fatigue can be reduced with sensible light choice. The increased collision rate due to animal strike "because they were not seen until to late" is well documented despite being well within the distance of the beam pattern.


Recognise any of these catch phrases many brands and media use when discussing driving lights?





1 LUX @ 1500m

.25 LUX @ 3300m



Some are so flawed in practical reality it would be comical IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE FACT they are misleading and YOU ARE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR in good faith.

However when scientific organisations such as the AMA (American Medical Association) and other cited experts in ophthalmology and regulatory bodies start reporting on concerns for blue biased light sources for health and safety reasons it is worth noting! Learn more about the initial AMA report, "CONCERNS RE LED LIGHTING" including FYRLYT's detailed video response on WHY IT IS RELEVANT to driving lights. 

FYRLYT co-designer, Paul Alisauskas explains how FYRLYT's design evolved from an idea to finished form. The decisions that led to choosing halogen as

opposed to LED or HID. You can talk to our designers directly online.

We maybe biased but we think the FYRLYT LUXSIS & NEMESIS is an object of beauty in FORM & FUNCTION. No pointless gimmicks, silly ineffective performance negating CLIP-ON FILTERS. Just good design. Period. 

FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 - Superior performance. Best value.

The LUXSIS 5000 whilst the most affordable in the FYRLYT range is in no way a 'second choice'. Construction is identical to the NEMESIS 9000 with the only major difference being the bulb and step up convertors.

The true 5000 lumen output (per light) with 100 CRI STILL outperforms many lights costing twice the money and when you factor in their lifetime rebuildability it is good reason the LUXSIS has become a favorite. Remember no discernable delayed HID type startup to full power or excessive glare or light back scattering (TYNDALL EFFECT) common with 5000K or greater LEDs & HIDs. Look past misinformation and media misinformation and LUXSIS 5000 is a winner!

Jamie Benaud reviews FYRLYT 5000 including an
install on his 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser.

FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 - The 'informed' enthusiasts choice.

A driving light delivering performance like no other on the planet. A volumous WALL of quality light, no gimmicks and no compromise.

The 250W 9000 lumen bulb, unique reflector and optics delivers a superior volume and distance combination exceeding LED or 70/90/100W HID. Nemesis blows these away and NO delayed start up times (HID) or excessive glare or light back scattering (TYNDALL EFFECT) common with 5000K or greater LEDs & HIDs. 

To see how NEMESIS delivers its legendary performance watch the video from Jamie Benaud below as he installs them on his Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser.

IMPORTANT!!! 12 or 24V NEMESIS 9000 Installation Instructions - PDF

*NOTE! It is VITAL the specifications be followed or the light will not perform to specification!

DO NOT USE A STANDARD 100W or LUXSIS 5000 type loom!!!

Jamie Benaud reviews FYRLYT 9000 NEMESIS including an installation on his 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser.

Jamie Benaud compares FYRLYT 9000 NEMESIS to the Lightforce HTX on his 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser.

Jamie Benaud compares FYRLYT 9000 NEMESIS to the Lightforce Genesis on his 200 Series Toyota Landcruiser.

FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 driving light customer feedback


Aaron Wilson‎

14 July at 18:33


Well I finally got a set of my own (9000 NEMESIS) fitted up yesterday after finally deciding to bite the bullet and all I can say is WOW these lights are beyond insane. 

My 50 inch light bar is now redundant, I drove 600 kays last night on the way home with the lights on 90% of the trip and it was like driving at daytime. The amount and colour of the light is perfect for long distance driving.


I've owned Lightforce, IPF, Hella, Narva and a few LEDs and there is no doubt in my mind the competition cant even be called that as they aren't even close to being in the same league.


I was a fan just looking at them in the shop now I'm a 100% certified fanboy.


Great work guys.

Brian Robb‎ to Fyrlyt Driving Lights (Facebook) 

Finally got to give my Nemesis 9000's a good run on Friday night up into the Vic high country. So - are they worth it?? 


To start off with I will make it clear that I had them professionally installed exactly as instructed. Also I have no barrow to push with FYRLYT, I don't know anyone that works there etc etc. this is my informed, honest opinion. 


My previous setup was a huge led lightbar, and I loved it - great spread of white light with no dull spots, but reach wasn't great...


After short drives in industrial areas to get the alignment right I was itching to get them out and really use them. 


When I first switched them one I noticed they were not as white as the led lightbar - but white is not always bright and vice versa (see 4x4 Australia January article for more detail on this). But that said there were no dull spots of light and reach was awesome - and I had both lights on spread beam. 


After a few ks I realised I had forgotten to think about what the driving vision was like - I could see so effortlessly I instead could concentrate on the task at hand - towing my van safely. Everything just looked natural. 


I spotted a couple of roos, a wombat and a deer - and each time I spotted movement well of and had already reacted before I actually realised what it was - each time I just had the feeling I had spotted the wildlife really early. That made me very very happy. 


Now I am no expert on the following bit, but I am willing to take a stab. One of the worst things for me about night trips is getting blinded by light from big roadside signs, but I noticed that the glare from signs was nowhere close to what I got from led lights, so my tip is the blinding was from the whiteness rather than brightness of the lights...


So I absolutely loved the lights, they are way way better than anything I have ever seen before and for me are worth every cent. 


I know a lot of people will bag them, but now I have one simple question for naysayers. "Have YOU actually used them?" 


Ok make that two questions. If they have and didn't like them I will ask how the install was done. 

They are a bloody top bit of gear.