More customer feedback after using NEMESIS 9000.

Who do you listen to? A sales person or someone who paid their own money and actually uses them?

Brian Robb‎ to Fyrlyt Driving Lights (Facebook) 

Yesterday at 03:45 · 


Finally got to give my nemesis 9000's a good run on friday night up into the vic high country. So - are they worth it?? 


To start off with I will make it clear that I had them professionally installed exactly as instructed. Also I have no barrow to push with FYRLYT, I don't know anyone that works there etc etc. this is my informed, honest opinion. 


My previous setup was a huge led lightbar, and I loved it - great spread of white light with no dull spots, but reach wasn't great...


After short drives in industrial areas to get the alignment right I was itching to get them out and really use them. 


When I first switched them one I noticed they were not as white as the led lightbar - but white is not always bright and vice versa (see 4x4 Australia January article for more detail on this). But that said there were no dull spots of light and reach was awesome - and I had both lights on spread beam. 


After a few ks I realised I had forgotten to think about what the driving vision was like - I could see so effortlessly I instead could concentrate on the task at hand - towing my van safely. Everything just looked natural. 


I spotted a couple of roos, a wombat and a deer - and each time I spotted movement well of and had already reacted before I actually realised what it was - each time I just had the feeling I had spotted the wildlife really early. That made me very very happy. 


Now I am no expert on the following bit, but I am willing to take a stab. One of the worst things for me about night trips is getting blinded by light from big roadside signs, but I noticed that the glare from signs was nowhere close to what I got from led lights, so my tip is the blinding was from the whiteness rather than brightness of the lights...


So I absolutely loved the lights, they are way way better than anything I have ever seen before and for me are worth every cent. 


I know a lot of people will bag them, but now i have one simple question for naysayers. "Have YOU actually used them?" 


Ok make that two questions. If they have and didn't like them I will ask how the install was done. 

They are a bloody top bit of gear.