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BAJA 1000 icon Eric Solorzano chooses FYRLYT.

Eric Solorzano video fb post 

Class 11 has long been referred as the ultimate drivers class of heartbreak and endurance few have ever conquered like one man, Eric Solorzano. FYRLYT is proud to once again be supporting such a champion and beloved ambassador in such a tough merciless environment after dark.

Eric believes, FYRLYT gives him an edge, particularly in silt and dust... Less glare, broader even volume and less hotspots. Talk to our designers direct here in Australia FREE of charge via callback. FYRLYT

Muy buenas luces gracias a Fyrlyt de Australia por su patrocinio más potentes que HID o led no se refleja el polvo un foco es más potente que una barra de LED y más potente que 2 focos HID de los de renombre y son ajustables con un ajuste en la parte de atrás pueden ser pencil o abierto se los recomiendo ! 

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