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Why does FYRLYT not have more profile in offroad racing?

We often get asked why FYRLYT isn't widely used in offroad racing. It is a logical question and one we can shed some light on.

Having worked with teams from the Baja to Dakar including outright winners we can tell you they rely on sponsorship. The top teams receive free product and often cash.

The science doesn't suddenly change because it's a race vehicle. We have had long conversations where pro hired drivers have zero say in what their vehicles are fitted with. The deals are done by team management to highest bidders to try and cover season costs. Our experience was a front running trophy truck or Class 1 in the USA will demand up to 60 lights per season and a chunk of cash. These lights get spread to chase vehicles or as payment in kind to volunteer crew etc.

It is a marketing strategy for some brands that we currently choose not to be involved in Just like some media (NOT ALL!) with biased tests or coverage, junket video trips and enmasse point of sale displays. It is a slower road but we use word of mouth user referral as the tip of our marketing spear.

Having said all that we do support the legend of Baja, Eric Solorzano in Class 11. See our BLOG for more on that story!

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