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Buying driving lights in 2018? Why consider FYRLYT?

Enthusiasts have never had so many choices when it comes to auxiliary lighting for their vehicles. LED, HID and halogen with more shapes, sizes and outputs to light any scenario. With greater choice, overnight brands sourcing product from China it has become a case of really doing some serious research to ensure the light is going to satisfy your needs. A typical FYRLYT customer in 2018 has already used HID and LED and is seeking something more based on real experience not what a self proclaimed media guru or store is necessarily pushing to earn their pay packet or satisfy their sponsorship obligations for receiving free product to put on their own vehicle. Enthusiasts are wising up and we encourage it! Experience soon tells you that it is not all about bright light, indeed the wrong type of light and in the wrong place is counter productive to safe night night driving. Think about that next time you see someone running half a dozen lights and quoting bazillions of lumens and 1 lux at 2km etc. We call it the DISCO syndrome and is best left back in the 80's. Remember the big lifts, fluro shock boots, tyres outside the guards and multi hoop rollbars and bullbars festooned with more lights than Santa can shake a stick at? Sorry bootscooters but that dream is best left in the past with mullets and tight jeans.

There is no substitute for light quality. If the light output induces excessive glare especially in dust or moisture laden air then it is a compromise (Research TYNDALL effect). Furthermore if the light cannot reproduce accurate colour rendition (CRI) you will potentially not see important detail necessary inconjunction with enough reaction time to avoid road hazards. This is a very simplistic summary but a starting point to consider before spending your hard earned money. Remember 5000K lights despite what some brands insist are NOT IDEAL. Period. Unique to FYRLYT is that you are talking direct with FYRLYT's light designers, Paul Alisauskas or David Holmes. Other brands will put you through to a customer service rep or salesperson who can often only regurgitate the latest catalogue or what they have been told. Ask them details about the reflector design or verifiable science behind light attributes and they will be found short on FACTS. Be especially wary of overnight brands just rebranding generic Chinese lights with claims that do not even pass schoolboy arithmetic or junior high school physics.

We are here to help with zero obligation. If we honestly feel that another light other than FYRLYT may suit your purpose we will tell you. There are scenarios where LEDs and their form factor make sense with certain applications and installations. However if you are seeking a light for your truck, ute or 4x4 for long distance driving 'OUTBACK', a pair of FYRLYTs is hard to beat and your eyes will thank you!

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