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Driving light comparison photos. FYRLYT v Lightforce & NBB in Sweden.

FYRLYT Sweden has been out in the woods literally in response to requests in the Nordic regions to compare against lights that are popular in that region. NOTE: To the sensitive new age types or cognitively dissonant (cannot deal with not being 'top rooster') you are in the minority of people who think comparisons are 'unfair' or 'bad marketing'... Seriously makes us think of those that think everyone should get a trophy and sing kumbyah. ANYHOW back to what is good for the enthusiast seeking fact over fiction.

These images by Andreas are interesting and we think show up relevant characteristics well. All shot from same position, time at 50M. Lots of detail in a very vertical plane that tells a lot more than the typical blank wall type shot. Also of merit is the tonal range of the background and how it displays the characteristics of the different light sources in the detail you can see.

Note the HELLFYR 12000 (top left) is our spotlight not a driving light but Andreas could not resist putting it in there. (Those interested in spotlights should note the difference between the 240 70W LF and the HELLFYR 12000).

We think it is patently obvious the superior rendering and also all important even volume even at 50M that the FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 and FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 are displaying.

More to come... Jamie Benaud here in Australia has also been busy doing some comparisons which are going to challenge many...

Remember if you have any questions even if to the contrary, keep it on point and feel free to ask or call our designers, Paul or David. No obligation we are here to assist. If however you are just disenfranchised and hurt that your light may not be what you thought or were sold don't shoot the messenger rather take it up with those that may have misled you.

Driving light comparison - FYRLYT v Lightforce v NBB

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