4 Reasons Why, a laughing emoji and a lamb roast... Geoff?

Our recent 4 REASONS WHY video has been opening more eyes across the globe and furthering people to question what they are often told in store or see in the media. Phone and emails have been in overdrive.

What was intriguing recently was a response from someone who chose to we presume disagree with a laughing emoji. That in itself is not uncommon or out of the ordinary. If we didn't get at least one naysayer we would be concerned our advert wasn't running correctly to a wider audience.

Sometimes the person being genuine will contact us direct and this leads to a detailed discussion. Typically this will end with them reassessing what they had held to be a truth being reconsidered. This is not about selling lights it is about cutting through to facts to make an informed decision. In some scenarios this may not be FYRLYT and we will always be candid and say so.

What is 'intriguing' is when the person leaving his quippy emoji claims to be the CEO of a lighting sales company. No comment left, just a skipping stone as is often the way with social media. Always willing to be educated we did some due diligence in case they did indeed have a light source or technology that had missed our radar.

Geoff? Please share how your LED lights for mining and helicopter landing pads are firstly relevant to driving lights as we advertise and what are their specifications as your website does not disclose any data? Your lights maybe the bees bollocks for your specific use but driving lights they are not. Is as relevant to comparing a Big Mac quarter pounder to a kg of the best Kobe beef in a 3 FEZ hatted restaurant. It was a Sunday night and perhaps Geoff wasn't happy about his mum's lamb roast... Maybe his mum forgot the gravy?