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2022. A Facebook advert. To LED or WHY not LED?

You may have seen the following advert in your FB or Instagram feed if you use social media. Often our adverts result in some animated dialogue and in the main it is in good faith.

In the last few weeks of this campaign we have had some that politely were at best a little bit contrarian but continued to double down akin to a slow motion train wreck. We would rather this didn't happen as it is unnecessarily confrontational with other contributors who 99.99% of the time are there in good faith.

However there is an upside. We as a brand get to see unsolicited feedback from the market and our own customers. Mainly good, sometimes indifferent (that's ok to) and most often empowering us to keep innovating and moving forward. In response to a comment we posted this as a summary of where FYRLYT is at. It is interesting John! What too many miss is like halogen not all LEDS are the same. Yes very high CRI and great quality LEDs exist in the architectural and photography/broadcast industry but they are not what is being used in driving lights.

At best they are 70-80 CRI and worse what is missing is in the vital RED end of the spectrum.

It is intriguing to see brands respond to FYRLYT's position by slowly conceding and changing their marketing re kelvin and amp draw to try and convince people that if they say it enough it is a TRUTH. I guess a bit like politicians?!

This is all a distraction from what they cannot debate by moving beyond 'marketing'. Yes exactly what I have done here in this post 'some' may argue but the fundamental difference being we can leave the room and let people do their own qualified non biased research on what we stand by in our design.

We constantly qualify our position even internally by looking at what CREE and Osram are doing and its commercial viability. As it stands of today no driving light LED measures up to what a FYRLYT delivers in light quality that maximises the function of driving at night in any conditions.



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