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FTO 640-50 Thermal Optic - Part 2. Sighting in.

Paul Alisauskas presents Part 2 detailing bore sighting and final sighting in the FTO 640-50 rifle scope. We recommend purchasers familiarise themselves with the basic menu navigation straight out of the box even before mounting the optic. The menu system and 'steps' are intuitive once the basics are understood.

We recommend bore sighting in a controlled environment with no distractions. The firearm must be supported by either bags and or a bipod. Ideally, this can be done before venturing into the field for final sighting with live ammunition.

Remember you can save different setting profiles for different loads or swapping between rifles via QD mounting systems.

1: The scope is turned on by the BLUE pad button on top of OCULAR assembly.

2: The menu is activated by pushing/depressing the top turret.

3: Adjustments are made by TURNING the same turret.


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