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FYRLYT announces second FTO thermal rifle scope model release. The FTO 384-50.

Following the recent release of the FTO 640-50, FYRLYT is pleased to announce the FTO 384-50 featuring a 384x288 12um sensor, 50mm F1.0 lens. This model is a great specification for many customers as it delivers performance beyond other 17um type 384x288 models at a very competitive price point of $3899 AUD at time of release. FYRLYT has maintained the exact same form factor and menu structure as the FTO 640-50 model. In field footage and side by side comparison footage with the FTO 640-50 model is due for public release in the next week or so as 15/06/24. FYRLYT FTO 384-50 Price (as of June 15, 2024):

  • AUD: $3899

  • UK pound (GBP): £2,034.26

  • Euro (EUR): €2,308.18

  • USD (USD): $2,565.98

  • Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH): 94,478.71

  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD): $4,134.25

Please note: Exchange rates fluctuate. These are approximate values. Our online store shows the correct rate at time of final purchase.


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