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FYRSTIK Remote Handle VIDEOS ARE LIVE. World first innovation.

Existing remote handles for SPOTLIGHTS have scarcely evolved from their crude beginnings. The majority sold are made in China and rebadged. Fact. Anyone who has ever used one will know the inevitable frustration of twisted wires and switches shorting out. Throw in the light being unbalanced where you are constantly fighting its mass weight in trying to keep it where you want it, a ball system that is either TOO TIGHT or TOO LOOSE. Unlike some on market, FYRSTIK uses no plastic. Marine grade hard anodised aluminium engineered for lifetime user serviceability. That in itself is a world first. Let us not forget the police. Drive around with a handle hanging down into the cab and you are just asking to be noticed. Your safety and that of your occupants is not to be trifled with. A metal handle and shaft hanging down into the cab in the head strike zone is just a recipe for a lifetime of regret. Folding handles DO NOT ADDRESS THIS. ENTER FYRSTIK. Everyone of the issues has been solved. The video with David Holmes and Paul Alisauskas explains it all. View it and we dare say you will be convinced. The finer details can be viewed at


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