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"The VIDEO"... Why would you choose a light that decreases your driving safety?

The video of this unfortunate collision really bought home a startling construct. Why would you knowingly buy a product that decreases the VERY THING you are choosing it for especially when it comes to your safety? We are not being alarmist but stating an irrefutable truth that raises real questions about the marketing and promotion of equipment as being 'the best' when science and events say differently. This is not just a one off but has been repeated to us many many times over the years but this is the first footage we have seen that illustrates it perfectly. Given the choice, you would not choose the cheapest brakes or cheapest tyres etc? Why would lights be any different? The snake oil and misinformation of BRIGHT WHITE LEDs is a concerning issue! When we see brand managers and senior company officers pontificating as experts via Linkedin to PR releases polluting the internet parroting their marketing spin we really do wonder. It just is not good enough and we have no hesitation in calling it for what it is... Snake oil. The long running role the media play in perpetuating this Chinese whisper train of misinformation is poor and we hope enthusiasts hit back in making them culpable. It is a shame to say in Australia their track record over the last few years has not served the customer well. To those in the industry that act in good faith we suggest calling these types, be they sales reps or media gurus out. YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL THANK YOU FOR IT! Anyway onto the video which we hope is insightful and either reinforces what you know and you can assist others as someone who speaks the truth. The driver was an experienced middle age male with both hands on the wheel and not distracted. The frame grab at the end is when he is FIRST aware of the deer and makes a subtle but rapid movement to the left and then to the right. We have studied this frame by frame on a 4K monitor. You have the luxury of replaying this over and over and YES the deer is visible in retrospect a few frames earlier but was not to the driver. This is the ENTIRE POINT of the video and our position re the importance of CRI and why 5000K and greater lights are not ideal and falsely sold to you as being correct. This has been digitally time coded from unaltered footage, we have done the math for you.

Before debating reaction times, we suggest reading a PHD paper on the internet of which there are several. We have saved you the trouble and it correlates with what we propose here.

We are here to help and answer any questions with no obligation.


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