Win a set of MOFO 12000 driving lights. Make a video about FYRLYT driving lights.

Ol' Danny boy has cancelled. Even Paul has got camera shy. Think you can tikky tokky and twerky werky with the best of them? Have that creative itch and vision? Open to anywhere worldwide. You don't have to own a pair of FYRLYT or show them in use. Plenty of info on our website you can use for ideas and let your imagination and humour fly.

We need your VIDEO to advertise "FYRLYT driving lights". The one posted to the Facebook link (listed at end of post) with the most likes at end of May 2022 wins a set of MOFO 12000's and loom valued at $1165.00.

Videos of our choosing maybe promoted for 12 months and in the past several of our campaigns have generated millions of views. That is a LOT of exposure if you have media ambitions!

RULES: 1: Must be less than 5 minutes and Facebook & Instagram compliant. 2: Maybe serious, comical, satirical. Any profanity must be *bleeped*. Use your imagination. 3: The winner will be selected on the basis of most 'LIKES' on posted video in this thread on May 31 at midnight Adelaide time. 4: Not affiliated or endorsed by Facebook or Instagram.

This is going to be interesting... POST VIDEO HERE> https://www.facebook.com/FYRLYT/posts/4887339411315788