Your questions answered in new PODCAST format. What do you want to know?

From day one, FYRLYT has raised a lot of questions. So we thought we would try a new format and allow Mr Benson to select YOUR TOP TEN and have FYRLYT designers, Paul and David respond in a podcast format. Note this will not be a hyped salesperson or polished media celebrity delivery.

So what do you want to know? It can be about a FYRLYT specific product, driving lights, spotlights, light technology. LED V HID V HALOGEN, installation, alternators, CRI, ACUITY, TYNDALL DARK ADAPTATION...

Is Paul really Daniel Craig's stunt double? Did David really waterski backwards on a barstool and esky lid?

Post your questions in the comments via the Facebook post linked here> >https://www.facebook.com/FYRLYT/photos/a.172729386110171/4823448134371583/