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March 2019 reviews FYRLYT HELLFYR.

HELLFYR 12000 is the ultimate professional 12V 240mm - 9 inch remote mounted SPOTLIGHT/SEARCHLIGHT. Visual acuity beyond any HID or LED. A professional military grade product. 


WARNING: Once you have seen a HELLFYR in person you will want one. How you then justify it to your 'household financial controller' is another matter...

HELLFYR has set a new benchmark in its class. A build quality and tactile precision normally associated with a premium riflescope it has redefined the performance benchmark in its market sector.  


Beautifully considered design, CNC metal construction that leaves any plastic type light in the toy class. Other metal type lights are comparably primitive with archaic lens clips, screws, pop rivets or nuts and bolts. Make no mistake the HELLFYR 12000 is next level.

NOTE: HELLFYR is not designed as a driving light as in most cases the FYRLYT 5000 or 9000 NEMESIS will provide a better solution.

2019 has seen HELLFYR earn its place among professionals as the new light of choice. Even those initially skeptical, once having seen FYRLYT in use have become HELLFYR's greatest advocates.

Search & Rescue / Emergency Services / Police / Military / Fire Services

Security & Surveillance / Animal Control / Marine / Mining / Agriculture










Customer feedback - Philip * 10/8/19

I purchased a HELLFYR 12000 about 6 months ago, I wish it was 6 years ago! The only proven down side is power consumption and that is manageable.


Pros include: 
Eye shine from all angles (halogen over LED or HID).
Better contrast for picking up body.
Beam elongated for wider searching.
More usable light through an optic
(my range finder can be used beyond 600m under this light, with other lights 200 was a push)


I would advise anyone spotlighting to spend the money on this product prior to upgrading your scope if it works fine in daylight, as this light makes daylight out too distances double any other light I have used can even give usable light (that is a lot of lights too).


Thanks for a great product.


HELLFYR chose a HALOGEN bulb. Why not HID or LED?

Firstly, despite common beliefs and perhaps wishful thinking not even a 100W HID has the output of the HELLFYR bulb. The reality is the majority of ebay HID kits are just Chinese junk and grossly exaggerated specifications for the ballast and worse still are the bulbs which are best just thrown in the rubbish bin.

Ideally, you need to see maximum accurate detail, particularly if it is a mission critical scenario. You do not want washed out or missing colours, harsh shadows or unnecessary glare. HID & LED or any light source with a typical 5000K rating is less effective than the 100 CRI (colour rendering index) halogen due to the Tyndall effect of their propensity to scatter light in atmosphere contaminated by dust, smoke, moisture or other particulate. This phenomena is often observed as a blue bias glare or fog type bounce back to the viewer resulting in less detail and distance being achieved. A halogen bulb of equivalent brightness and volume will always be superior in this regard as technology currently stands. To discuss further please contact us and talk to our designers. Footnote: The only exception to this is a short arc type bulb however the costs are exorbitantly high initial purchase price and ongoing running costs of bulbs at hundreds of dollars each.



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