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FTO - FYRLYT Thermal Optics

Welcome to the debut of FYRLYT's first thermal rifle scope, the FTO-640 50. This is a natural progression from our spotlighting and thermal camera systems and also in response to working closely with our customer base. 


FYRLYT FTO-640 50 redefines the price point of performance & value

We predict many will believe we have made a pricing mistake as it being impossible to sell a thermal scope of such a high specification for this price. This is a 640x512 12μm sensor with a 50mmm f1.0 lens that atypically has been in the price range of $6000 AUD+.​

FTO-640 50 Thermal Scope pricing

Pricing is subject to currency fluctuation to the Australian dollar at time of purchase. Legalities and Import duties/taxes are the purchasers responsibility. If buying direct our online store will convert to any local relevant currency.

Australia AUD - $4899
New Zealand NZD - $5342

United States USD - $3194

United Kingdom Pound Sterling - £2531

Europe Euro - €2962

South Africa ZAR - 60222

Instructional Videos to come

We will be producing a series of videos detailing setting up the FTO scope from installation, operation, sighting in and customisation including user profiles.

FTO -640 50 Thermal Scope Reservation

  • This REGISTRATION is obligation free and does not commit you to purchase.

  • Paul will ring you  to discuss and ask if you wish to formally RESERVE your FTO scope from the first production run.

  • We encourage you to ask any questions and there will be no sales pressure or subsequent calls. FYRLYT does not employ any salespeople. We are here to assist you make the right decision for your needs whether it be a FYRLYT product or not.

  • Your information is confidential and will not be shared.


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Your information remains confidential and will not be shared.

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FTO-640 50 Features overview

  • 640x512 pixel array 12μm pixel pitch

  • NETD: ≤35mk(25 °C, F#=1.0)

  • 50mm F1.0 lens (Germanium) 

  • 2.72X base optical - *22X (1-*8X digital)

  • 0.49inch (12.4mm) OLED 1440*1080 resolution display

  • 0.2MOA click value adjustment

  • Built-in Photos/videos recording functions with WIFI

  • Alloy housing, protection IP67

  • 30mm tube

  • 5 customisable user profiles

  • 10 reticles

Image details

  • Focal Length: 50mm

  • FOV (field of view): 8.8°*7.0°

  • Minimum Focus: 5m

  • Lens Aperture: F1.0

  • Frame Rate: 50Hz

  • Focus: Manual objective

Display Details


  • Display: 0.49" (12.4mm) Colour OLED 1440x1080 Resolution

  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 6mm

  • Exit Pupil Distance: 65mm

  • Magnification: 2.72X

  • Diopter: Adjustable,-5D~+5D

Thermal Imaging Parameters

  • Brightness: Adjustable

  • NUC: Auto/Manual

  • Display Palettes: (5) Black/White/Green/Iron/Red Hot

  • Digital Zoom: 1.0X~8.0X (viewed as 2.72X - 22X)

  • Reticle: 10 options

  • Hot Spot Track: Supported

  • PIP (picture in picture): Supported

  • Bad Pixel Correction: Supported

  • Wifi: Support AP/WLAN

Memory & Image Capture

  • Capacity: 32GB (internal)

  • Audio Record: Supported

  • Impact Video Recording: Supported

  • Recording Type: Photo & Video

Power Supply

  • Battery Type: Built in type plus external Battery (CR123*1)

  • Power Status Indicator: Yes

  • Working Time: ≥15Hours


  • Shock Resistance: 6000J (300 Win Mag)

  • Vibration Resistance: 2g,GB/T2423.10(IEC60068-2-6)

  • EMC: CE Compliant

  • Humidity: 0~95%

  • Working Temperature: -30℃~+55℃(-22°F to131°F)


  • Housing: Aluminium 30mm main tube 50mm objective

  • Finish: Hard Anodised (black)

  • Encapsulation: IP67

  • Dimensions: 368.2×84×77.2mm

  • Weight: 1020g


  • Power Supply: Type-C interface (Charging, Data Transmission, External Video output)

Detection Distance


  • Human (1.8×0.5m): 2300m

  • Vehicle (2.3×2.3m): 3200m

Recognition Distance

  • Human (1.8×0.5m): 1150m

  • Vehicle (2.3×2.3m): 1600m

Palettes, 'OSD' customisation & custom profiles

The 'OSD', on screen display is customisable to show the information you prefer including not only a choice of ten reticles but reticle colours. The display image can be easily enhanced to suit the environmental thermal conditions. Additionally you have the option of five individual preset profiles. This is especially useful if transferring the scope between platforms retaining the preset zero data and other parameters set by you. We will be uploading specific videos showing the step by step process.


FTO-640 50 Videos

This video is an initial compilation of testing the FTO-640 50 in the field. There are a number of scenarios from 40 to 400 metres showing the different palettes and zoom settings. We will be adding more footage in the near future.

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