Talk directly to Paul Alisauskas who designed HELLFYR / SPOTFYR / PROFYR. Ask any questions. NO OTHER BRAND OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE OR INSIGHT DIRECT TO YOU.

Spotlights in 2020? What defines a professional product? 


The SPOTLIGHT market is segmented into three primary quality sectors.

1) Cheap and cheerful (often generic rebadged Chinese). Poor value.


2) Mid to lower premium pricing - $130 - $500. Adequate for hobbyist.


3) Premium pricing - $400 - $1000+. Not all deliver 'Pro' performance.


FYRLYT sits firmly in category 3 and we believe even beyond when you weigh up and compare factors that matter most in the professional sector. A big statement to make which we elaborate on below.

How to determine a spotlight as being well designed for professional use.

First measure of performance is obviously light output. This MUST be considered by two parameters.

ONE: The distance and volume of the light beam. Do not confuse this with just simplistic BRIGHT LIGHT as the measure, it is not as simple as that. An example to look out for is the over hyped LUMENS or distance claims. Simply put it is snake oil to impress newbies.

Overwhelmingly, people experiencing FYRLYT for the first time fall into two categories. Firstly the upset and secondly the overwhelmed. For some that have invested heavily in a brand in money or loyalty struggle to concede that what they believed to be best is maybe not. 

The vast majority are overwhelmed to the point we receive after hours calls (at night) often from the remote outback from customers so excited at what they are seeing compared to lights they had previously used. Coming from professionals who have have used them all and for thousands of hours it is praise worth considering as a true measure of a lights performance.


TWO: The CRI (colour rendering index) of the light source. This dictates the visual acuity potential of the light to reflect back coloured detail and nuances to your eye. If they are missing YOU WILL NOT SEE IT. This is a FACT that is irrefutable by science. No amount of marketing spin or heresay can change this, so watch and listen out for it. We cover this in a level of detail no other light brand wishes you to know HERE.


All our lights are designed on the same architecture of light source and deliver the complete 100 CRI. This is 42% more than the vast majority of any LED or HID type. The result is greater visual acuity, detail, less glare and an ability to penetrate particulate laden air, dust, moisture etc compared to LED or HID.

Many may question why not HID? Firstly, delayed startup to full power is still a fundamental issue that precluded it from being considered. Secondly the light quality is just not as effective as a high performance halogen with most HIDs delivering only 70 CRI thus missing crucial colour detail. Thirdly HID, like most LEDs are abysmal in particulate laden air, typically dust or moisture. Due to the TYNDALL effect the light has a propensity to back scatter resulting in glare and compromised distance. In certain conditions the light can indeed become totally useless. The reality is most HID ballasts and bulbs from China are over rated, of dubious quality and do not even equal FYRLYT's light output before taking the optics package into account. 

THREE: Is the light engineered and constructed for night after night of professional usage? For decades the measure in Australia has been a metal light on the roof of a cruiser as being synonymous of 'professional'. If that light were to be 'orange' you were pretty much guaranteed a quiet nod of envied acknowledgement.

HELLFYR was FYRLYT's first spotlight design and with our own tens of thousand's of hours of swinging lights, the goal was clear. BEST LIGHT QUALITY OUTPUT. BEST ERGONOMICS. NO COMPROMISE.

THE LENS: PLASTIC? GLASS? It is our position that plastic type lights are not in the equation due to durability of not just the body but particularly the lens. Once a lens is scratched it will diffract the light. No matter how carefully you try to clean it from dust or condensation etc it is going to scratch. Clip on plastic FILTERS? A 1990's gimmick that defines some brand's real working knowledge of light design. Good novelty value for trade shows, gullible media and shops looking to sell you 'stuff'. 

FYRLYT's lens is borosilicate glass better known as PYREX. In comparison to any plastic it is crystalline clear and can be cleaned as often as required to keep maximum performance. A crucial design advantage to FYRLYT is how our lens has been designed to be easily replaced in every product. No primitive, awkward clips, screws etc but a precision threaded CNC alloy bezel. Any light must be maintained for optimal performance and if it is a pain due to poor design this gets too hard for some and the light is therefore compromised.

REPLACING & FOCUSING BULBS IN THE FIELD? What happens when you need to replace a bulb in the middle of nowhere often compounded with a chill factor you can barely feel your fingers? Look at the light design. Many are quite simply a nightmare, either requiring tools or archaic metal clips from the design book of fifty years ago. Even spinning off a reflector is crude when you compare it to FYRLYT's unique CNC billet bulb holder. It is easily unwound and removed enabling a bulb change in seconds and better yet, EASY fuss free precision focusing! Some other lights are a nightmare during this procedure. As a professional, you need equipment that is easy to use, not a disruption to getting the night done and dusted.


BUILD QUALITY & ERGONOMICS IN USE: If you have used a light for hours at a time, even on a remote handle, the centre of balance and what happens if you let the light go without 'locking up' is at the foremost of usability. The HELLFYR and SPOTFYR are clear leaders in this respect and is often the second most talk about feature with new users after light distance and volume.


The build quality of all our spotlights, HELLFYR, SPOTFYR and PROFYR are more synonymous with a tactical optic than the normal realm of spotlights. The vast majority of materials and construction is CNC machined metal with precision fitment guaranteeing durability and investment. Forget plastic. Forget agricultural. Rather than falling for the trend and aesthetic of 'tacticool', FYRLYT delivers features and benefits that are tangible and position the range in another league to competitors.

Talk to the designers not salespeople.

From its inception, FYRLYT as a brand has prided itself on this fact of putting our designers, Paul Alisauskas and David Holmes as being available to answer any questions with no obligation. With tens of thousands of hours of practical spotlighting between them (even the marketing guy), you get the benefit of a depth of practical experience. FYRLYT has a unique appreciation of where YOUR experience as a working professional comes from. You will not find that with any other light brand where their expertise stops at marketing between 9-5 Mon-Fri.


For the remote mount scenario, the HELLFYR 12000 has no equal. It's slightly smaller offspring is SPOTFYR 12000  which still packs the same 12000 lumen light source with a more compact reflector. These light outputs are delivered via a supplied step up converter that when partnered with the filament tuned optics sets a new standard in the professional marketplace. The hand held SPOTFYR is available in 5000 and 12000 lumen configuration, the 5000 not requiring a step up convertor.