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FYRLYT HELLFYR 12000 remote mount spotlight


'PRO' remote mount spotlight. 33% more output than other 250W. The best.

FYRLYT SPOTFYR 12000 remote mount spotlight


Compact version of HELLFYR. 'PRO' output & lifetime durability.

FYRLYT PROFYR spotlight handheld.

PROFYR 5000-12000

'PRO' handheld. 5000-12000 lumens.

FRLYT FYRSTIK spotlight remote control handle.


Wireless power feed. No wire twist! Removeable handle. 

FYRLYT spotlights. 'PROFESSIONAL' quality 

FYRLYT's Australian made spotlights are engineered for professional use or the serious enthusiast. Lifetime durability and serviceability. All products feature precision CNC machined aluminium and hard anodising. No plastic. No rivets or folded metal brackets. Two remote mounted and two handheld variants, HELLFYR 12000 | SPOTFYR 12000 | PROFYR 5000 | PROFYR 12000, plus the FYRSTIK remote control handle.

Talk to the design team direct

Paul Alisauskas and David Holmes, both with tens of thousands of hours in the field experience are always available to answer your questions.


Online consultation

We have a quick easy consultation form where you can ask your own specific questions or seek advice with zero obligation. If FYRLYT is not the right fit for your purpose we will say so. The FORM is >HERE

'1 LUX' @ 'X' distance?

Never choose a light based solely on this marketing. We expose this myth >HERE 

FYRLYT feedback 

People using FYRLYT fall into two categories. The upset and the positively overwhelmed. Some that have invested heavily in another brand or technology, struggle to concede what they trustfully believed to be best is obviously not. We receive after hours calls from customers so excited at what they are seeing compared to lights they had previously used.


C.R.I. Why?

The C.R.I. (colour rendering index) of the light source is paramount. This dictates the visual acuity potential of the light to reflect back coloured detail and nuances especially depth perception and object separation to your eye. If they are missing YOU WILL NOT SEE IT! Fact.

Not LED or HID?

FYRLYT delivers the complete 100 CRI. This is 42% more than the vast majority of any LED or HID type. The result is greater visual acuity, detail, less glare and an ability to penetrate particulate laden air, dust, moisture etc compared to HID or LED. FYRLYT will outperform any HID in the field. HIDs are fundamentally flawed in design for this purpose. Any questions, please call us.

Why no filters?

We do not offer filters as they offer very little benefit. Reality? Less light output due to two additional optical surfaces. (dirt, dust = diffraction). Do not fall for anyone telling you that adding a colour filter improves the CRI. All it is doing is diminishing the glare that was the problem in the first place! 

Superior lens quality

FYRLYT's lens is tempered borosilicate glass better known as PYREX. In comparison to any plastic it is crystalline clear and can be cleaned as often as required for maximum performance. Our lens has been designed to be easily replaced in every product. Any light must be constantly maintained for optimal performance. Plastic just does not measure up with long term use especially if the lens is 'glued' in. Once damaged you are expected to either throw the light away or replace an expensive lens reflector assembly. 

Easy bulb change!

Our CNC billet bulb holder is easily unwound and removed enabling a bulb change in seconds and better yet, easy precision focusing! No equal.


Ergonomics matter!

The centre of balance and what happens if you let the light go without 'locking up' is at the forefront of usability. HELLFYR and SPOTFYR are clear leaders in this respect and is often the second most talked about feature with new users after light distance and volume.


Benchmark quality

HELLFYR, SPOTFYR and PROFYR are more synonymous with a tactical optic than the normal realm of spotlights. The vast majority of materials and construction is CNC machined metal with precision fitment guaranteeing durability and investment. Forget plastic. Forget rivets and bent angle brackets.


Remote mount scenario? HELLFYR 12000 has no equal. It's slightly smaller offspring is SPOTFYR 12000 still packs the same 12000 lumen light source with a more compact reflector. These light outputs are delivered via our own proprietary supplied step up converter that when partnered with the filament tuned optics sets a new standard. The hand held SPOTFYR is available in 5000 and 12000 lumen configuration, the 5000 not requiring a step up convertor.

Other 250W? 33% less output!

People who have bought other spotlights with 12-24V step-up 250W convertors are often disappointed when they compare a HELLFYR/SPOTFYR or PROFYR 12000 with a visibly superior light. Why? Whilst the convertors may look similar, internally, FYRLYT is very different with approximately 33% more output. Our convertors are only available to existing product owners or as part of the initial product purchase. Avoid 'Ebay' or 'Alibaba' convertors even if they appear similar! They are not up to the same specification or reliability. 

FYRSTIK handle

A world first patent pending wireless power design. You will never have to worry about twisted broken wires again! Handle is removeable in seconds to the roof line. Folding handles endanger driver and passenger in the event of an impact. Watch the full story at bottom of this page as David Holmes explains it all. If you are a professional you will wonder how you ever did without it.

FYRLYT HELLFYR 12000 Spotlight - The new benchmark in professional remote mount spotlights.

HELLFYR 12000 

The design brief for HELLFYR was simple. A remote mount spotlight built to the highest build and output specifications possible.

Outperforms other 250W stepped-up spotlights by over 30% due to our proprietary convertor.

Unique full CNC alloy build quality, no plastic or folded metal. Precision easy change billet bulb holder with micro click adjustable focus.

The HELLFYR delivers a light output that has set a new benchmark and seen it receive such acclaim as being the ultimate spotlight for biosecurity and professional applications.


SPOTFYR 12000 

SPOTFYR utilises the same power system as the HELLFYR but in a more compact design at a reduced price point.

We have had several first time users contact us at how astounded they were at how much light the SPOTFYR delivered compared to much larger lights they previously owned.

If you are unsure of whether to choose HELLFYR or SPOTFYR talk to Paul or David the designers direct and they will assist you in what is best for your needs. No obligation.

FYRLYT spotlight features
PROFYR 5000 12000 Handheld Spotlights

PROFYR 5000/12000
$499.00 / $580.00

PROFYR is a handheld spotlight designed for the serious user. Its build quality and tactile feel is more akin to a tactical riflescope than any other handheld spotlight on the market today.

Every aspect of PROFYR reflects a build quality for a lifetime of use right down to all parts being available and in most cases, user serviceable. This makes FYRLYT unique.

Available in two power levels, 5000 and 12000 lumens (12000 using a step up convertor).

PROFYR 5000 12000
FYRSTIK Spotlight Remote Control Handle - World first wireless power ending twisted wires forever. Patent pending.


FYRSTIK has addressed the major shortfalls in all other remote control handles.

NO MORE TWISTED WIRES! A world first patent pending design wireless power transfer makes this nightmare a thing of the past that plagues every other design. Also can be remotely switched ON/OFF with a supplied RF key fob.

Yet another first, the handle removes in seconds to the roofline. A folding handle is still dangerous re head strike zone in a collision.

FYRSTIK has no equal.

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