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FYRLYT customer feedback

If you are in the process of choosing driving lights or spotlights there is no better person to ask than a FYRLYT owner. the majority have previously used LED or HID and decided to see for themselves what FYRLYT had to offer.

LED driving lights? Current risks.

You may or may not be aware of emerging concerns re the health implications of high intensity blue light typically used in automotive LEDs. Beyond OEM headlights, the popularity of extremely intense LED driving lights is cause for FYRLYT to bring this to your attention. Especially long sustained use (truck drivers) and its accumulative effect on the macula of the eye. In the public interest we have shared valuable expert scientific information HERE.

FYRLYT solves the problem.

FYRLYT's spectral profile is safe with no concerning blue light risks to your eye health or others. You get a driving light that maximises your driving safety not compromises it. FYRLYT is the answer.

FYRLYT spotlights. Designed for professionals.

Every spotlight we make is designed for a lifetime of professional use. Every component is replaceable and we do not price gouge on replacement parts. We use no plastic, the bulk of metal is precision cnc machined and anodised. Definitely no plastic lenses. All our lenses are crystal clear tempered borosilicate glass that is easily replaceable. Light output? Ask those who use them. Once you've seen it for yourself you never look back. We design, we use, we listen... You talk to us direct with no salespeople. This is a large part of why FYRLYT has become the brand professionals can rely on.

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