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Upgrade your LUXSIS to NEMESIS or MOFO.

All FYRLYT driving lights use the same components with the only difference being the bulb output. This means you can upgrade any existing LUXSIS 5000 driving light to NEMESIS or MOFO (9000 or 12000 lumens per light). Due to freight logistics this is only currently available within Australia.

How much? $450.

The cost for upgrading your LUXSIS to the NEMESIS or MOFO is $450. You can either DIY upgrade your own existing LUXSIS wiring loom to NEMESIS or MOFO specification (PDF schematic HERE) or purchase an additional new FYRLYT NEMESIS/MOFO harness for an additional $175 NEMESIS/MOFO HARNESS HERE. You are responsible for the cost of freighting the lights to us in Adelaide South Australia and we cover the cost of freight return to you included in the $450. 


How we do it.

Send your existing LUXSIS lights to FYRLYT in Adelaide South Australia and they will be rebuilt as follows. 


  • NEMESIS/MOFO spec bulb holders 

  • New NEMESIS/MOFO bulbs

  • 2 step-up convertors 


All light components will be thoroughly checked, lenses if early lexan will be replaced with current borosilicate pyrex type. If existing glass lenses and reflectors are within spec they will be retained. Lights will be tested and then returned to you freight included. *You are only responsible for freight sending to FYRLYT.

Choosing NEMESIS or MOFO?

Upgrading to NEMESIS nearly doubles your output and is our recommendation for the majority of users especially truck drivers. Yes for the same price you can choose MOFO but we suggest you talk to us first via the online CONSULTATION FORM so we can personally run you through it. An analogy would be stepping up to NEMESIS is like adding a supercharger, MOFO is a bigger supercharger with more boost on methanol.

LUXSIS to NEMESIS / MOFO order link

To order this rebuild upgrade CLICK HERE.


NEMESIS 9000 can be easily upgraded to MOFO 12000 for $330 via yourself by swapping out your existing convertors to the MOFO 12000 spec convertor kit via our online store. Your existing loom is retained. No need to send the lights to us! NEMESIS TO MOFO KIT HERE



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