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FYRLYT driving light / spotlight consultation.

In doing product research or comparisons it is inevitable questions will arise. Especially so if are buying for the first time or already have existing LED or HID lights.

This quick easy form allows us to respond specifically to your scenario. You have a choice of a follow up phone call or not. Information provided is confidential.

Whether driving lights or spotlights/spotlighting we will give you sound advice. If we do not have a product that meets your criteria we will suggest alternatives. We provide objective advice based on sound product design principles.

FYRLYT is here to assist you.

NOTE: If you have an existing FYRLYT product enquiry re warranty or servicing please PHONE or email


Do you wish to discuss on phone?
FYRLYT product you are interested in
Spotlight requirements
Spotlight/s of interest?
Use night vision products?
Considering buying thermal?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch within 48 hours if not sooner. Your information remains confidential.

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