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Driving lights. Spectral wavelengths. FYRLYT versus LED light sources.

If you are trying to decide which is the best driving light you must look beyond LUX and LUMENS. This is only telling you part of the story.

Consider this. Even if a light has apparent 'brightness' but is deficient in object detail then it would be logical to assume it is NOT 'best'. So HOW do we know what the actual light quality is?

FYRLYT has always used this as a core principle in light design in tandem with considering eye safety. This is where you have to analyse the SPECTRAL WAVELENGTH data of the specific light source.

Critical thinking and relevance.

We are not saying LED technology is bad. In some applications due to the actual LED chip being used they are excellent. These art typically high end architectural, broadcast or photographic lighting. Here we are referring specifically to the typical LEDs being used in current driving lights costing from $100 to $1500 plus.

Equal brightness: HALOGEN versus LED

It maybe a challenge for those invested in LED to read this but the science supports it. The HALOGEN that FYRLYT utilises in all its lights delivers 100 CRI and will resolve more detail with less glare in all conditions over any LED regardless of price.

As always, FYRLYT is here to assist you make the right choice for your needs whether it be FYRLYT or another product. Ask our designers any questions with zero obligation. Use our QUICK EASY consultation form HERE.


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