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4x4 Australia reviews NEMESIS 9000

One of the few mainstream media pieces you will see about FYRLYT driving lights. (more on that below)

Mark Allen's review surprised many people and presumably upset a few brands and resellers of LEDs and HIDs. His thoughts were and continue to be at odds with what many people presume why FYRLYT chooses halogen as its preferred light source. In his review, he made a comment about brightness, and how he had to reassess his beliefs about colour and effective brightness when it comes to driving light performance and what he could see. This revelation and discovery is reflected by many of our customers on our CUSTOMER FEEDBACK PAGE.


FYRLYT & its media position

You may well be puzzled at FYRLYT's absence from most mainstream media. FYRLYT chooses not to use the traditional marketing model of paying for exposure in associated publications. Fundamentally there is not anything wrong with this methodology but be aware of its commercial realities. Especially so with the emergence of aligned 'influencers' and non disclosure of commercial incentives. This has amplified the 'hype' and 'FOMO' (fear of missing out) mode of pseudo expertise in many product sectors and especially in lighting. We suggest always being sceptical when advice or recommendations are given in the mode of entertainment. When it comes to product merits apply critical analysis of the claims and build quality. Ask the relevant questions.


The bigger picture

Contrary to the LED technology trend and calling many generic claims into question, FYRLYT continues to place the media in a very awkward situation. They are totally reliant on advertising revenue from 'X' number of LED brands and resellers. This is a commercial reality and one we have long accepted. FYRLYT chooses to deal direct with the market. This gives us the freedom to share valuable information on all relevant factors re lighting performance. What we claim can be independently validated by accepted scientific principles beyond any hype or inconvenient truths.

The 4X4 Australia NEMESIS 9000 Review

Click to view> HERE. The only discrepancy in the article is FYRLYT wiring harnesses are available for all our lights.

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