Snow & ice? Beware of lights THAT increase glare and therefore compromise safety for others and yourself. LED & HID IS NOT BEST!


The glaring white of snow presents a real problem for LED & HID lighting in mid to high kelvin ratings. This is due to the TYNDALL effect. We have not made this up. This is an accepted principle of physics you can verify for yourself. ANY light, particularly brands that promote 5000K as being ideal as daylight is nothing more than misleading sales hype in ANY conditions but none moreso than snow or ice!

This is FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000. Note the lack of glare and at distance no blue haze or back scatter. More detail due to the 100 CRI of the light source. That is 42% more than LED or HID regardless of price. Think about that.


Alaska was our proving ground.

In 2012 the first FYRLYTs went to Alaska with the most famous trucking company in the region. Our design team delivered a product that works day in day out in any climate and environmental condition that a driving light can be subjected to. You want a driving light to be at full power without delay and one that is rock solid from the billet cnc alloy mount up. No die cast, sheet metal or plastic mounts that may let you down. Every component must be proven in part and as the package. Period.


CLIP-ON FILTERS? No. They are poor design.

Clip-on filters are a 1990's marketing 'fad' and compromise light output. It is two more surfaces to get dirty and therefore diffract the light. Some brands use them because their lenses are not hard coated and damage easily. FYRLYT's lens is borosilicate crystaline clear tempered glass (more on that below). Our reflectors are hard coated and easily replaceable when other brands force you to replace the light.

Plastic lenses are not durable.

If you live in a region that lays salt or sand on icy roadways then plastic lenses are a bad idea. Even if hard coated, they will probably in time turn dull and scratch due to necessary cleaning, rendering them less effective to useless. In most cases you cannot replace the lens therefore forcing you to purchase more lights. Think about that. FYRLYT has a better design and virtually negates this issue. This end value proposition is a huge bonus to fleet operators!

FYRLYT's Borosilicate glass lens. Brilliant in more ways than one!
Our new 2019 design tempered glass lens is not only optically superior but can withstand cleaning that would damage any plastic type lens. Even if the lens does somehow get damaged it can be replaced by the user in seconds without tools. That is a world first.

FYRLYT is superior to LED in minimising ice build up which can render your lights useless in extreme conditions. Our dealer, Matt in FINLAND says it also keeps his legs warm.

FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 on the expedition trail in the USA.
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This video shows why 5000K & brighter LIKE DAYLIGHT lights are NOT IDEAL. This is especially relevant in snow and ice.

If you doubt this we suggest looking up the basic science behind the TYNDALL effect, CRI of typical white blue spectrum LED & HID.

LED? 5000K? Some brands insist it's best! Wrong. Read the American medical Association report. CLICK HERE


No doubt about it, LED has arguably grabbed more media space and magazine covers in recent times that you could be forgiven for thinking that all other lights are now obsolete. We beg to differ and say it is time to step back and consider what is going on here. We will acknowledge that LED, particularly some made in the USA offer an excellent lighting solution for some specific applications. However, FYRLYT resolves more detail with a scientifically proven superior CRI (42% more than the average LED or HID @ 70 CRI), light output and long term value, FYRLYT is a better solution. It is common knowledge that LEDs can freeze over in extreme conditions rendering them useless. FYRLYTs, however minimise these occurrences allowing you get to your destination with less fuss and greater safety.

HID? Delayed start up and increased glare. "Brighter & Whiter"? Is that REALLY ideal? No. It is not and verifiable science supports this.


As many experienced drivers know, HID typically has an inherent flaw and that is a delayed start up time until full illumination is delivered. Secondly the HID particularly those at 5000K are typically compromised in its CRI (color rendering index) and thus tends to wash out detail compared to halogen. Some will say that a colored filter fixes this BUT that is totally incorrect PLUS it costs you light output and frankly is a waste of time and money. Any brand or salesperson that promotes the BRIGHTER WHITER 'hype' has little idea of the basic science that rather than being ideal could not be further from the truth. Don't waste your time or money on the reliability of re branded Chinese ballasts and bulbs in these environments. 


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