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Video overview of the FYRLYT FTV-640 Control interface.

The FTV APP has been purpose designed for the working professional. No gimmicks and all necessary menu items never more than a finger touch away. This six minute overview video focuses on the setup and menu items.

Full installation video overview video of all other components and the total system is coming soon. This will include the spotlight mounting bracket and 'BLACK BOX' power control module that unlike others allows independent switching and power delivery to roof mounted devices.

Designed and made right here in Adelaide, South Australia. This guarantees you direct user support. Full FTV-640 info and RESERVATION is at this PAGE.

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GD Ksyth
GD Ksyth
Mar 29, 2023

Security log in pointless and a waste of time. Too much junk on tge screen. Start up time still pretty long.

No mention of how the camera operates after switching from using the lamp and its excess heat.

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