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He had never heard of FYRLYT and then won a set of MOFO 12000's. So what did he think?

Afternoon all.

I have been running these lights now since September last year. I’m a stock and station agent in QLD. I was a true Lightforce man, only the best lights for my 4WD. I started out with 240 Blitz; went to I think 30W HID. After that I upgraded to 50W XGT. These lasted 2 years before getting pinched off a new car (failed to put the locking nuts on). The last set were at the time the brightest lights available and straight from the custom shop - 70W XGT custom LF... I thought these lights were the ducks nuts and ran them on 2 cars. I noticed after time they were starting to get dull. A client had mentioned to me (on a road trip some 2300km + in 2 days) about Fyrlyt. I had never heard about you guys and started researching.

I found your FB page and actually entered an online competition. Well bugger me I won. I changed out the lights and took to the road. I do somewhere between 60 - 80,000km a year. I must admit it took a long time to get used to the colour change. I did notice straight away that the light seemed to be throwing a very general spread with no shadows or dark spots. I also noticed straight away that up close, the trees were very well lit from each side that my previous lights didn’t offer. When it came to distance, I didn’t believe they had the same impact. However, after a few trips I realised that wasn’t the case.

I could still see the object I just didn’t get the same white reflection and upon closer reflections such as road signs they weren’t as blinding as the HID. I haven’t had any issues with the glass, bulbs or lights in general. They have held up extremely well to every circumstance. Value for money is where they really stand out. I have never scrimped on lights, they get me from point A to B safely, allow me to conduct business and bring me home safe to the family at night.

I believe you can avoid half your animal strikes by running good lights (the other half are just kamikazes) So cost has never come into question.

FYRLYT has delivered without compromising on light and a saving on the pocket. I have been so happy with them I’m ordering a set of MOFO for the Wife’s new car and have no hesitation in recommending these lights to others.



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