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FYRLYT V3.0 Driving Lights now shipping

5/11/23 FYRLYT is pleased to announce that the updated LUXSIS 5000 / NEMESIS 9000 / MOFO 12000 featuring the CNC BILLET MOUNT LENS SYSTEM are now shipping with NO PRICE INCREASE.

LUXSIS 5000 - $599.00 PAIR (AUD)

NEMESIS 9000 - $990.00 PAIR (AUD)

MOFO 12000 - $990.00 PAIR (AUD)

FREE FREIGHT WORLDWIDE We invite you to ask any questions direct to the design team and manufacturer here in Australia with no obligation. Yes, the lights are made in Australia. If you are looking beyond LED and your priority is light quality with more detail and less glare, we have the answers that may surprise you.


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