FYRLYT driving lights. Look past the trends & hype. Deal with facts.

LED driving lights? Are they really the best solution?

We live in an era where some will tell you the earth is flat. Given the state of world affairs, many don't know who or what to trust anymore? What once would have been viewed as 'crazy' becomes accepted as a truth. There appears an ever increasing documented divide between critical thinking and 'herd mentality'. The worst scenario in this case is buying LED driving lights based on what you are told that are potentially compromising your driving safety rather than improving it! FYRLYT has always prioritised sharing factual information you should be aware of with cited references since 2011.

The LED trend express! $$$

For nearly a decade, 24/7/365, light brands, their media and resellers spend vast sums of money promoting LED driving lights to perpetuate LED as the answer and therefore by default 'best'. You, the consumer accept this in good faith. Whilst perfectly normal it does not by default make it a truth. To truly compare and validate you must understand the function, fundamentals and how the product is designed to achieve this.


Your priority? Light quality? Best night driving safety?

Ready? LEDs typically used in driving lights are not ideal, in fact far from it. In some scenarios the light quality is totally counterproductive. FYRLYT has detailed this with four key factors for over ten years and shared this information with literally millions of enthusiasts. The media seem incapable or unwilling to even discuss the basic principles re light design relevant to the purpose of driving at night. Their comparison tests often do no more than measuring LUX as being the only important information. That is not even half the story of what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Brightness? Half the story.

Many believe brightness is everything hence the never ending marketing/media fixation about lumens and lux. You need to know the actual light quality re its ability to resolve relevant detail under operational conditions and then how that quality of light is processed by human physiology (eye / brain / reflex / reaction).

Blue light (LED) & health concerns. 

Short wavelength & blue white light and its role in (AMD) acute macular degeneration is a hot topic in the field of optometry. Dr. Shelby Temple, Phd, a visual neuro scientist shares his insights about BLUE LIGHT HERE. We share this video below and very in depth audio link HERE of the interview. (24 min duration). The information discussed is very much in the public interest and could be a foreteller of what is to come.


FYRLYT maximises driving safety without damaging your eyes.

If your priority is maximising your driving safety and not risking eye damage then FYRLYT is the answer. FYRLYT delivers optimal brightness, superior detail without excessive glare or potentially damaging your vision. Remember any fatigue or eye irritation whether at night or day puts you and other road users at risk.

Dr. Shelby Temple, a visual neuro scientist, explains 'WHY' BLUE LIGHT sources are a concern re your health. This applies for direct and indirect light. When you factor in the intensity of driving lights with brands and media forever hyping ever increasing outputs?


4 factors of FYRLYT's superiority over LED driving lights.

This is not some cynical marketing hype by us. They are basic fundamentals of light design for such a complex task as driving at night. This is before even designing the light in its physical form! To deny or worse deliberately omit these factors should concern you as a consumer.

1: C.R.I. (colour rendering index)

2: Acuity (ability to resolve detail)

3: Tyndall Effect (the effect of light scattering)

4: Dark Adaptation (what happens when you turn your driving lights off)

The science you need to know HERE.

What do FYRLYT owners say after using LED & HID?

The majority of our FYRLYT customers have used LED or HID and have either seen FYRLYT in use and or become disenchanted with the lights they had invested in. This is regardless of brand or price including LED lights costing $1500 plus. We have provided a few examples of feedback for you to consider. Three things standout.


1: Recognition of FYRLYT's superior light quality over LED especially over long durations due to less glare.

2: The build quality and knowledge the light is able to be maintained to as new performance over a lifetime.

3: FYRLYT's sharing of knowledge, advice and support. 

Adam Scott - 12 Jul 2022

... If it helps, I have worked in mechanical and is sales for both the major 4WD stores in Australia over the past 15 years. Always owning modified 4x4's and driving a lof of off-road conditions. Safe to say I have driven with almost every driving light available from XGT HID, Genesis HID, Narva Extreme HID, Rigid Industries LED, great white LED, STEDI LED, IPF Extreme Sport LED and most of the HELLA range to name a few. I have also sold literally hundreds of FYRLYTs to many customers off my own personal experience and recommendation. I have use the FYRLYT NEMESIS since its release (I'm guessing about 8 years ago). Survived everything I have put them through and light output/drivability beyond anything else (no single light can do everything). Followed up by unprecedented knowledge and support from people such as Paul Alisauskas who will personally provide you with hours of his time to explain/warrant and backup his quality product. I suggest you drive with a pair and make your own decision...

Mike Walters - 14 Jun 2022

Great lights. Best I have ever had over last 30yrs on several 4WD's. Soft on the eyes, great spread and length and simply makes the drives, so much better. 18 months, no issues. Good stuff happening in SA!! Cheers.

Tim O Rourke - 22 Apr 2022

I Have been running the Nemesis 9000 lights for approx 12 months now and couldn't be happier. I did have a little issue, but when I contacted the guys, it was addressed promptly without question. I will be fitting a set (maybe the MOFO 12000s) to the wife's new car when it arrives. 10/10 product and after sales support.

C. Warren - 16 March 2022

Afternoon all. I have been running these lights now since September last year. I’m a stock and station agent in QLD. I was a true Lightforce man, only the best lights for my 4WD. I started out with 240 Blitz; went to I think 30W HID. After that I upgraded to 50W XGT. These lasted 2 years before getting pinched off a new car (failed to put the locking nuts on). The last set were at the time the brightest lights available and straight from the custom shop - 70W XGT custom LF... I thought these lights were the ducks nuts and ran them on 2 cars. I noticed after time they were starting to get dull. A client had mentioned to me (on a road trip some 2300km + in 2 days) about Fyrlyt. I had never heard about you guys and started researching. I found your FB page and actually entered an online competition. Well bugger me I won. I changed out the lights and took to the road. I do somewhere between 60 - 80,000km a year. I must admit it took a long time to get used to the colour change. I did notice straight away that the light seemed to be throwing a very general spread with no shadows or dark spots. I also noticed straight away that up close, the trees were very well lit from each side that my previous lights didn’t offer. When it came to distance, I didn’t believe they had the same impact. However, after a few trips I realised that wasn’t the case. I could still see the object I just didn’t get the same white reflection and upon closer reflections such as road signs they weren’t as blinding as the HID. I haven’t had any issues with the glass, bulbs or lights in general. They have held up extremely well to every circumstance. Value for money is where they really stand out. I have never scrimped on lights, they get me from point A to B safely, allow me to conduct business and bring me home safe to the family at night. I believe you can avoid half your animal strikes by running good lights (the other half are just kamikazes) So cost has never come into question. FYRLYT has delivered without compromising on light and a saving on the pocket. I have been so happy with them I’m ordering a set of MOFO for the Wife’s new car and have no hesitation in recommending these lights to others.