FYRLYT driving lights. Look past the trends & hype. Deal with facts.

LED driving lights? Are they really the best solution?

We live in an era where some will tell you the earth is flat. Given the state of world affairs, many don't know who or what to trust anymore? What once would have been viewed as 'crazy' becomes accepted as a truth. There appears an ever increasing documented divide between critical thinking and 'herd mentality'. The worst scenario in this case is buying LED driving lights based on what you believe in good faith but your driving safety being compromised rather than improving it! FYRLYT has always prioritised sharing factual information with cited references since 2011.

The LED trend express!

For nearly a decade, 24/7/365, light brands, their media and resellers spend vast sums of money promoting LED driving lights to perpetuate LED as newest technology and therefore by default 'best'. You accept this in good faith. It does not by default make it the truth. To truly compare and validate you must understand the function, fundamentals and how the product is designed to achieve this.


Your priority? Light quality? Best night driving safety?

Ready? LEDs typically used in driving lights are not ideal, in fact far from it. In some scenarios the light quality is totally counterproductive. FYRLYT has detailed this with four key factors for over ten years and shared this information with literally millions of enthusiasts. The media seem incapable or unwilling to even discuss the basic principles re light design relevant to the purpose of driving at night. Their comparison tests often do no more than measuring LUX or LUMENS as being the only important information. That is not even half the story of what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Brightness? Half the story.

Many believe brightness is everything hence the never ending marketing/media fixation about lumens and lux. You need to know the actual light quality re its ability to resolve relevant detail under operational conditions and then how that quality of light is processed by human physiology (eye / brain / reflex / reaction).

FYRLYT maximises driving safety without damaging your eyes.

If your priority is maximising your driving safety and not risking eye damage then FYRLYT is the answer. FYRLYT delivers optimal brightness, superior detail without excessive glare or potentially damaging your vision. Remember any fatigue or eye irritation whether at night or day puts you and other road users at risk.