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FYRLYT, andito na sa Pilipinas!


FYRLYT is now proudly available in the Philippines! Thanks to SKUNKWORKS CUSTOM, 4x4, truck and offroad enthusiasts can now see and purchase FYRLYT in store. The stores below have recognised FYRLYT as offering you, the customer a driving light beyond LED or HID in quality and performance. It is all about the light quality and a product engineered and constructed like no other. Seeing is believing. If you want to know more, check what customers who bought FYRLYT think by viewing our USER FEEDBACK page.

Remember, FYRLYT is different to other lights out there. It is a light design, engineered and supported by science not just market trends. If you would like ask our designers, Paul or David, any questions about driving lights just leave a message via the chat window below or message them on our Facebook page. FYRLYT is here to help you make your night time driving safer!

Philippine customer feedback

''I have personally talked to Mr Paul Alisauskas. He explained to me about halogen, LED & HID. In which i was convinced by the result of the comparison. I have ordered NEMESIS 9000 12v-24v 250W which Paul recommended as powerful. As I have fitted and tested my NEMESIS 9000, you would not believe the power and brightness as far as you can see the road, even on rain showers. I am so satisfied and overwhelmed on the outcome of my lightings, which was recommended by the maker itself. Thanks Paul.'' Alfredo P. Ferrer Jr.


FYRLYT PHILIPPINES Facebook page here 

Skunkworks Customs (Philippines MASTER FYRLYT IMPORTER)

National Hwy H.A.S.C. Building Km. 58 National Highway Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna 4030 

+63 917 506 8077



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