Proudly Australian with full disclosure. Is your brand truly 'Australian'?

FYRLYT is designed and manufactured in Australia. We are a specialist light designer and manufacturer. Unlike other brands we do not rebadge imported lights, bulbs or other generic Chinese sourced gimmicks.

Our products are for the discerning enthusiast who chooses products designed by sound engineering without resorting to marketing hype. We explain the HOW & WHY with verifiable science based on easily verified first principles. 

FYRLYT'S PROVENANCE: Our lights are solely designed and manufactured here. All tooling, machining, moulding and assembly is done in Australia. The only two exceptions to this are two components, the bulbs from Germany and step-up convertors for NEMESIS and the 250W spotlights are from China. Other 'Australian' brands outsource actual manufacture to China or use predominantly Chinese sourced components. 

Choosing driving lights or spotlights is daunting given the choice available. Whether LED, HID or halogen they range from cheap 'n cheerful to premium with performance equally as mixed. What is common is every brand will claim to be the best and have seemingly convincing marketing.


Buying lights? See better with FYRLYT.

What you see is defined by human physiology. For the specific task of driving at night there is a 'sweet spot' of ideal volume, distance and relevant detail for our brain to process in milliseconds to determine driver input. As we age this becomes increasingly problematic.

If a light is of poor quality in any aspect then it is compromising driver safety. This includes lights that appear BRIGHT and hyped to shine at huge distances. This is nothing more than snake oil  marketing or ignorant media. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! FYRLYT's design ethos is scientific and sound engineering to deliver optimal results for the specific task.

FYRLYT? Lifetime. Others? Often disposable.

What happens after your warranty expires with other brands? In most cases you are out of luck. LEDs are not designed to be repairable. In vast arrays individual leds often fail even in lights costing $1500+. The evidence online is there.

Every FYRLYT component is available!

In most cases can be easily repaired by the owner without being returned to FYRLYT. In ten years or more time your lights are still able to perform as new for minimal cost. We throw that challenge to any other brand to openly state that as fact re their products.

The value matrix. Make the smart choice.

Some retailers may not like this as they want you to keep spending money in a never ending cycle. FYRLYT SAVES YOU MONEY.


The "5000K" HYPE to look out for!

2020 and this media and brand driven 'factoid' still plagues the market. As credible as snake oil and yet seemingly every brand and media 'expert' pedals it as 'FACT'. Every time you read or hear this just STOP and reconsider. This takes into no account adaptive night vision and the physiology of the eye whilst driving at night. What is important is to have a relevant volume of light maximising ideal detail without inducing unnecessary eye fatigue. Ask an ophthalmologist or qualified medical professional. Watch this video re the recommendations report from the American Medical Association. The FULL AMA story is >HERE<

1 LUX @ 'X' metre claims? Often misleading.

A favourite marketing FACTOID is to state '1 lux @ 'X' m' without any context. Whilst indicative it can be misleading without relevant data. Is the figure laboratory extrapolated? What is the shape and volume of the beam? It is comparatively easy to focus a light to a tight spotlight beam BUT this is useless as a driving light and will only impress the newbies/keyboard heroes. It is not the kangaroo or roadsign at 1km you need to worry about... It is light where it is useful and relevant to your reaction time without detrimental foreground glare! 

What about FYRLYT current draw? 

Many 'experts' appear fixated on this and often get it wrong. Generally if you are running a 70amp or greater you will have no issues. Remember the amp draw is only relevant to items being operated, it is not a fixed draw of the combined total as soon as you turn the key!


Consider this. Many enthusiasts think nothing of swapping out an entire suspension system or modifying thousands of dollars worth of bodywork to install a bullbar and snorkel so what is so mysterious about an alternator? It is just plain silly so don't fall for it. If you have any questions re this please do not hesitate to contact us!


Not all installers are equal!

Automotive electrics is often misunderstood even by some big names who should know better. Just because you have a big dollar twin battery setup does not mean you can take short cuts. It is vital our simple instructions be followed and voltage tested at the bulb. Over nearly ten years our experience is that ANYONE having issues has been let down by the installer NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS! Still unsure? We respect that and we are available to answer your questions and arm you with FACTS. Our track record of solving customers problems is exemplary.


This video shows why 5000K is a problem.

The video of this unfortunate collision really points to a startling construct. Why would you buy a driving light that DECREASES your ability to see therefore increasing your reaction time?

We were sent this directly by the driver who was pretty disappointed with a well known brand 'Aussie' LED light he had purchased after being TALKED into them when he had been considering FYRLYT. He took on good faith what he was being told but this event changed everything. Since changing to NEMESIS he wishes he had not compromised his safety, time and money on the LEDs.


This is an irrefutable truth that raises questions about the marketing and promotion of 5000K and higher type LEDs and HIDs as being 'best' when science and events say differently. This is not a one off and has been repeated to us many many times over the years but this is the first footage we have seen that illustrates it perfectly. Given the choice, you would not choose the cheapest brakes or cheapest tyres if they did not perform? Why would lights be any different?


The driver was an experienced middle age male with both hands on the wheel and not distracted. The frame grab at the end is when he is FIRST aware of the deer and makes a subtle but rapid movement to the left and then to the right. We have studied this frame by frame on a 4K monitor. You have the luxury of replaying this over and over and YES the deer is visible in retrospect a few frames earlier but was not to the driver. This is the ENTIRE POINT of the video and our position re the importance of CRI and why 5000K and greater lights are not ideal and falsely sold to you as being correct. This has been digitally time coded from unaltered footage, we have done the math for you.


Before debating reaction times, we suggest reading a PHD paper on the internet of which there are several. We have saved you the trouble and it correlates with what we propose here.