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FYRLYT LED SURVEY 2019. Yes, we said LED...

As stated back in 2011, FYRLYT will only offer a light with a

specific benchmark that truly enhances night time driving safety, particularly in relation to visually rendered detail and minimising the effects of eye fatigue. It did not matter what the light source was. 

We have decided to ask you, the end user IF we can design an LED that meets that criteria what size and format you would consider.

Rather than just being the be all and end all, we see the RIGHT LED as complimenting LUXSIS or NEMESIS for the serious enthusiast who desires simply the ultimate driving light set up for all conditions. 

What we will not do is take the easy route and just rebadge an existing light and give it a facelift or coloured 'razzle dazzle' gimmicks.


We are not interested in designing a light for ultimate distance as others seem fixated on for marketing hype, rather enhance what the RIGHT LED could do well as part of a lighting solution.

Please understand this is nothing more than soliciting your thoughts so we can assess the opportunity to provide a light the likes of which the market has never been offered.

By submitting this form, you will be the among the first to know IF we proceed with a ONCE only introductory incentive offer that will NOT be publicly offered.

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