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Driving light mount? Do you want solid cnc billet? Plastic? Cast alloy? Folded sheet metal?

Vital to the function of any driving light is its mount design and construction. Get this wrong and the light will either vibrate, not hold its position or structurally fail.

Look carefully at the light and question how the mount has been designed. It is the literal foundation and connection to your vehicle. FYRLYT took a world first approach resulting in a solid cnc billet alloy mount as well as billet bulb holder. The bulb holder can be removed with a simple twist but also adjust the beam pattern to SPOT or SPREAD thanks to the clever bayonet type design. So, PLASTIC? No WAY. FOLDED SHEET METAL? Cheap & Agricultural. DIE CAST ALLOY? Can be problematic if not done properly especially in severe impacts or extreme vibration.

FYRLYT designed CNC BILLET. ROCK SOLID. Anything less is a compromise.

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