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'PROFYR' a handheld spotlight from FYRLYT in final design phase.

After releasing HELLFYR last month, FYRLYT has responded to customer feedback on designing a handheld spotlight in double quick time! Whilst not all specifications have been finalised, the light is well advanced and will be a game changer.

It will show a direct lineage to HELLFYR and its design and construction at a level beyond anything plastic or agricultural in its form. PROFYR is clearly intended for only the serious enthusiast or professional. There are more than enough lights on the market at a bargain bin price point and they all perform about the same. PROFYR is in another league. Like all FYRLYT products, PROFYR will use halogen as its light source due to its superior performance in all environmental conditions but particularly in dust, smoke or moisture laden air. This is due to the Tyndall effect, a long understood and accepted scientific principal. LED or HID, particularly in 5000K or above performs very poorly in comparison especially at distance due to this back scattering effect. As of Sep 19, we can confirm the following details of PROFYR specificiation. - 170-208mm reflector diameter with handle configuration (HELLFYR is 240mm)

- 12V corded designed for vehicle attachment (portable power maybe user supplied) - Predominantly anodised alloy construction with cnc machined billet handle

- PROFYR may include a remote attachment option (yet to be finalised)

- Borosilicate (Pyrex) lens - Halogen light source for 100 CRI for maximum visual acuity in all conditions - PROFYR is intended to be publicly released in the first quarter of 2018. To REGISTER your interest for exclusive updates and to reserve (obligation free) a PROFYR please CLICK >HERE.

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