FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 & GREAT WHITES 220 LONG RANGE LED. Same stretch of road images grabbed from video taken less than 2 seconds apart. Note common visual landmark features of tree and parked car. The NEMESIS image is actually some 30 metres further back but clearly shows greater distance, clarity and volume.

Image notes: Weather was cold and clear with high moisture content in the air. It is easy to see in the second image the 'blue' beam effect perfectly showing the 'TYNDALL' effect which is typically problematic with 5000K & greater light sources. The GREAT WHITE 220's are 6000K. The raw footage has not been colour corrected or any enhancements added. Whilst acknowledging elements of this comparison to being subjective we believe there are some very useful observations and conclusions that can be taken from these images and further from the video. First and foremost a perfect example of the TYNDALL effect as stated above.

Equally relevant, compare the visual detail, glare, volume and what is more conjusive to safer night driving. As we all age this becomes even more important! Paul and David, FYRLYT's designers invite ANY questions or constructive discussion with no sales obligation.

We are here to assist and whilst this maybe controversial for 'some' or an 'inconvenient truth', we share this in good faith.

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