Customer buys NEMESIS 9000 to compare to his Lightforce HTX 230's. What did he find? First... A

Recently we have had a spike in phone calls re people debating on which light to choose and have taken up the offer of talking to our designers, Paul and David to consider what FYRLYT had to offer. Understandably some will believe a light costing over $600 more should be better or have some quality that Nemesis does not. It is made even more confusing when well known industry celebrities willingly promote a product as being 'the best' they have ever used. Within the context of their own experience that may indeed be true however surely an opinion from someone who has owned both and paid for them has a greater validity? To make any useful comparison requires a careful analysis of the products design, specifications and in use performance relative to purpose. For those serious, we are happy to discuss on the phone the finer details and how they may or may not benefit the intended usage. Paul and David will talk in terms and freedom of information you will not get from any other light brand where typically the person will be reciting from a catalogue verbatim.

The common marketing catchcry to always view with due caution is the lab test 1 LUX @ 'X' metres (an extrapolated measurement) which is best viewed as indicative only and should not be used in isolation to make a final decision.

Media and celebrities continue to position LED etc as being the ultimate solution, using phrases such as 'like daylight' etc and yet FYRLYT often has a different view to the status quo so who is right? It is concerning when some in the media actually make a point of deriding what FYRLYT has positioned and supported with widely accepted scientific based data and long standing principles. It really does raise the question of potential commercial agendas and conflicts which do not serve the consumer market well. Contentious we maybe but FYRLYT has maintained this position since formation in 2011 and remains unmoved.

We live in an era if it is said often enough it can morph to its own TRUTH seemingly to the point of some happily arguing black is white and hell hath no fury like a keyboard warrior challenged.

To quote a well known Australian saying... "ANYHOW", please find attached a screen shot of a review from Michael Catelotti who spent his own money to find out for himself.

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