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Choosing driving lights? Look at Photometric charts with care! Do not be misled by 1 LUX @ 'X&#3

After numerous discussions with customers we feel it is important to shine a light on this example of current information re driving lights. We have a real problem with this. It is positioned as FACT but it is our opinion this is a classic example of marketing and sales folk cherry picking DATA and spinning it to make an attractive 'FACTOID'.

Think of how many times you have read or been told OH "YEA IT'S 1 LUX @ GAZILLION metres mate!"

First these figures LAB certified or not are extrapolated data. These numbers are generated in a laboratory in a small sphere device NOT in open atmosphere.

Photometrics can be very useful IF interpreted logically and without cherry picking numbers to make a good story. At best they are indicative of what the light beam is doing but this MUST be considered together with the functional environment and the eyes physiology. Proceed with caution with FACTOIDS! Remember you can always run something by our designers, Paul and David to get an opinion on whether it holds water! Just send a message. We are here to help.

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