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An elephant in the room? Comparing and choosing driving lights/truck lights? Adam Scott after 15 yea

Preface Every time we respond to customer requests for comparisons we get a 'few' protagonists that seem incensed if their own lights are not proclaimed superior. Cognitive dissonance perhaps if in despite of verifiable facts they will still claim to be right. What we wish to draw attention to is where if 'stuff' gets repeated enough it can become inculcated as FACT. Look at politics and other previously revered 'trusted' institutions such as the financial sector etc?  Anyone with a keyboard can throw up an opinion and parade it as FACT but the wise enthusiast recognises this and demands more rigor! Another inconvenient truth and commercial reality is when a business has an innate commercial agenda (ie thousands of dollars worth of stock in their showroom or warehouse). Whenever we spike interest in our advertising 'some' (only a small percentage) get very upset, especially when customers perhaps challenge them on some of their sales spiel. FYRLYT makes no apologies for this. Your TRUST and money deserves TRUTH and respect. In some cases you are not getting what you have been led to believe or the claims are actually nothing more than snake oil. This is why now thousands of people are glad before they made a purchase decision asked, Paul and David our designers their questions without obligation. These conversations typically deliver a few revelations that the callers then check independently and find FYRLYT speaks the TRUTH.


ADAM SCOTTS post in response to a Facebook fans post. I have worked in mechanical and in sales for both the major 4wd stores in Aus over the past 15 years. Always owning modified 4x4’s and driving a lot of off-road conditions. Safe to say I have driven with almost every driving light available from XGT HID, Genesis HID, Narva extreme HID, Ridgid industries LED, great white LED, STEDI LED, IPF extreme sport LED, and most of the Hella range to name a few. I have also sold literally hundreds of Frylys to many customers off my personal experience and recommendation. I have used the frylyt nemesis since it’s release (I’m guessing about 8 years ago) Survived everything I’ve put them through and light output/drive ability beyond anything else (no single Light can do everything). Followed up with unprecedented knowledge and support from people such as Paul Alisauskas who will personally provide you with hours of his time to explain/warrant and back his quality product. I suggest you drive with a pair and then make your own decision.

Customer feedback on choosing FYRLYT driving lights/truck lights compared to other brands. Narva, Lightforce, Stedi, IPF, Rigid Industries

Jamie Benaud's precursor to his testing of FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 and NEMESIS 9000 to Lightforce HTX HYBRID and GENESIS LED.

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