FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 compared to Lightforce 230 HTX by Jamie Benaud from Australian Images.

Without doubt the most commonly requested comparison we receive is between the NEMESIS and Lightforce HTX. Given the HTX is one of the most expensive lights on the market it is no surprise people are curious how a FYRLYT NEMESIS at some $500 cheaper compares? Jamie Benaud from Australian Images has released what we believe is the new standard in a light comparison from a technical and quality of information shared. Raw images, full resolution, how they were taken and processed so anyone who is curious can replicate. FULL DISCLOSURE: Jamie Benaud explains clearly upfront his relationship and history with FYRLYT. Consider how most in the media never bother to do this. His full written review can be seen here on his website: https://www.australianimages.com.au/nemesis-htx/?fbclid=IwAR23MHx139dmwb8Q23pYZ4wXCLBDlnebjzcWdREvj52uW55wuuGCGQ8e9is​

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