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FYRLYT HELLFYR 12000 spotlight review by the SSAA, Australian Hunter magazine.

Ben Unten, from SSAA Australian Hunter magazine has written a first hand user review of the FYRLYT HELLFYR 12000 remote mount spotlight in the field. Since its inception, we knew the HELLFYR was going to surprise many once they had actually used it. Its performance is not just a little bit better, it is in many cases it is a revelation. It is not simply about sheer output but the sum of its parts and both HELLFYR & PROFYR (hand held) have set the new performance benchmark. Ben addresses common questions and details scenarios that had those present rethinking 'spotlighting' as they had known it. He explores the choice of light source and why LED or HID is not the optimal choice.

As always our designers, Paul & David are always happy to answer any questions. Given the thousands of hours of actual experience you will get the straight facts not a typical sales person marketing response. There is a BIG difference!

'CLICK' the photo below and a PDF of the original magazine article will load as published by the SSAA Australian Hunter magazine March 2019.

FYRLYT HELLFYR 12000 spotlight reviewed by SSAA magazine, Australian Hunter.

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