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The FTV power module. 'BLACK BOX'

This compact device solves a lot of current issues with other systems.

The CAMERA and SPOTLIGHT are INDEPENDENTLY powered and SWITCHED ON/OFF via the RF FOB system so again no cables to wrap up. It has been designed to maintain a very stable signal even when in proximity to roof mounted metal racks.

It mounts seamlessly with the FYRSTIK and suitable for any 12V powered camera. We have spent many hours in the field testing to deliver what we believe is a solid robust system.

We take a very pragmatic approach re thermal imaging and if you share your exact requirements or expectations we will give you objective advice or recommendations. It is a BIG investment and not for everybody.

As a complete system we believe our FTV-640 does offer real world performance and importantly unrivalled system stability for professional use. Remember if you do purchase you have direct contact with the the design team here in Adelaide.


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