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FYRSTIK customer feedback is rolling in.

Within seven days of release, first feedback began appearing on social media reflecting user experience of often changing from other brands previously installed. Within the professional sector the decision to spend further money to replace already functioning equipment is naturally met with high expectations. We always knew FYRSTIK was a significant game changer as it solved all the long standing issues that had been synonymous with every other remote handle on the market. Yes, it cost a little more than others however we suspected once the benefits were experienced there would be a "EUREKA" moment with the customer. An obvious question was what was involved where previous products had been installed. As Brisbane Hunting Supplies have shared, with the BLAZALIGHT it is a simple matter of redrilling the outer holes and with POWABEAM it is a straight swap with no modifications required. (See video below) We wish to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support, especially in this era of a resurgence in the desire to support Australian design and manufacturing. FYRSTIK full info page



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