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Live in Australia? FYRLYT driving light 30 day money back guarantee.

FYRLYT respects you maybe hesitant in choosing FYRLYT with its HALOGEN light source when it defies the current trend of LED driving lights dominating the market segment. In response to that we offer with Australia a 30 day money back guarantee*. Valid until August 31, 2022. (*terms & conditions below).


The problem with LED light.

Regardless of whether it is for a 4x4, truck, SUV, bus, ute etc., current LED driving lights are problematic due to the light source and its HEV short wavelength properties. Especially concerning is the sustained use of high intensity sources and the accumulative negative effect. This applies whether you are behind it as the driver or facing it with oncoming traffic. A truck driver after driving under high intensity typical LED for hours in a night is still going to be negatively effected during the day. The propensity for undue glare and eye discomfort is well documented and a hot topic in social media and legislative circles. The article and audiocast that follows below shares information that should concern anyone re their own health and road safety.

(AMD) Acute Macular Degeneration & blue light. 

Short wavelength & blue white light and its role in (AMD) acute macular degeneration is increasingly a discussion point in the field of optometry. Shelby Temple, Phd, a visual neuro scientist shares his insights about BLUE LIGHT HERE. We share this video and very in depth audio link HERE of the interview. (24 min duration). The information discussed is very much in the public interest and could be a foreteller of what is to come.


FYRLYT maximises driving safety without damaging your eyes.

If your priority is maximising your driving safety and not risking eye damage then FYRLYT is the answer. FYRLYT delivers optimal brightness, superior detail without excessive glare or potentially damaging your vision. Remember any fatigue or eye irritation whether at night or day puts you and other road users at risk.

FYRLYT was so far ahead everyone thought we were behind.

From day one in 2011,  FYRLYT has maintained its priority of best light source for specific purpose regardless of trend. In 2016 the AMA, American Medical Association published a report to the US government with concerns re LED and blue type light being used in road way lighting. We posted a video response that whilst arguably the most boring web content of 2016 has generated an accumulated video view count in the millions. You can view the AMA report and FYRLYT's video response HERE.

Terms & conditions of offer. Until August 31, 2022.

Purchase any set of FYRLYT driving lights and wiring harness and experience what FYRLYT delivers in light quality and performance for 30 days. *If you are not satisfied, return the lights & harness (if purchased) and we will refund your purchase price.


If you need assistance or advice re your light choice, installation, please use this ONLINE FORM HERE and we will respond within 24 hours or sooner. Or if you prefer just give us a call.



*Terms & Conditions

1: Australian residents only. Offer exclusive to online purchases from FYRLYT.COM

2: Offer only applies to LUXSIS / NEMESIS / MOFO driving lights and associated wiring looms.
3: If you decide to return the lights / harness before or at the end of 30 days you agree to notify FYRLYT of that intent in writing via email with your details.

4: IMPORTANT! The products must be returned in original packaging and be in excellent condition and not have suffered any damage from installation or use. This definitely means no immersion in salt water or installation/collision damage.

5: *The only cost you incur is return freight in boxes as received. (Australia Post approx. $25.00)

6: Once lights have been received & inspected as acceptable you will receive emailed confirmation from FYRLYT and a full refund of your full purchase price of item/s.

Ready to see the light?

View driving lights, LUXSIS 5000, NEMESIS 9000 & MOFO 12000 HERE.

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