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Blue Light health concerns. Discussion of the science of light quality beyond marketing hype and &#3

Interesting read. Since FYRLYT's inception this was core to our light source choice despite what other brands will insist is not correct in the market status quo. All you will read from most brands or media is 5000K white blue "like daylight" prothletising it as ideal at every opportunity.

At FYRLYT we go back to basics and function in the environment. Turning lights on and off at night at speed. Not a lab. Not in isolation to get some marketing numbers and extrapolated hype.

Consider that a LAB test typically is measured in clean air never accounting for the reality of dust, moisture or other particulate in the air which will greatly effect the distance and detail rendered depending on the light source type.

If you are serious about light quality fit for purpose and an explanation of how and why, talk to Paul or David direct. No customer service flunkies or slick salespeople... Light designers delivering verifiable FACTS not FICTION.

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