The TRUTH about driving light CLIP-ON FILTERS. What do they really cost you?

Some brands feature and promote CLIP-ON type FILTERS. These function as a layer of impact protection, maybe designed to alter beam pattern (typical SPREAD pattern diffusing a SPOT BEAM reflector pattern) and finally may offer a variety of colours. When this hit the market twenty years ago it was indeed a novelty and continues to attract its fans, particularly resellers looking to maximise sales. Furthermore when you see or are quoted light output figures, ALWAYS ask was the light tested with or without the filter installed? We occasionally get requests for coloured filters and asked why we do not offer them? The answer is simple. THEY COST YOU LIGHT OUTPUT! What would surprise many people is that even a crystal clear filter will inevitably decrease the light output. Any surface in front of the light source is going to have an effect so if you already have a lens (front &rear surface) and add a filter (another two surfaces) you can see how it all adds up.

If your intent is driving lights for touring and high speed transit then we suggest leaving coloured filters on the shop shelf. We respect some 'like' the look and custom aspect, particularly for rock crawling but just understand for general on road use they are going to cost you primary performance.

FYRLYT designed in a SPOT & SPREAD beam in the one light without CLIP ON filters. The billet bulb holder has two positions that enables the user to set the light to either SPOT or SPREAD beam pattern. The YRLYT lens is designed to be able to be replaced without tools unlike many other brands thus enabling the purchaser to maintain the lights maximum performance for a lifetime of use. Result? Unrivalled value in reduced running costs, particularly for commercial operators.

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