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Want a Thermal Monocular? The FTV-384M-15 has been released. $1499.00! Dear Santa...

There is no disputing thermal monoculars are a red hot in demand item worldwide. They offer carry round portability and a myriad of practical uses, day or night when normal vision or white light does not suffice.

FYRLYT's response Following the continuing success of the FTV-640 remote thermal camera system, FYRLYT has released the FTV-384M-15 thermal monocular at a very competitively priced $1499 AUD including delivery worldwide. The monocular offers truly outstanding performance and value.

Thermal usage scenarios

Common uses are animal location/monitoring, identification, security, asset surveillance, risk assessment (fire, smoke or anything with a contrasting thermal profile to surroundings) and the advantage of being able to be used covertly and at distance in potentially hostile scenarios.

Is the FTV-384M right for you? If not, what is? Investing in thermal is a big deal and you want to get it right for your needs. We invite you to talk to our design team direct who will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly. No obligation and if a FYRLYT product is not the right fit we will say so.


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