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Comparing spotlights. How do the most popular lights used in Australia measure up?#FYRLYTshootout

We have been getting a lot of phone calls and messages asking for comparisons to the PROFYR 5000 & 12000, HELLFYR 12000, POWA BEAM 9" 100W Halogen and the Lightforce 240 100W halogen (GL02 bulb). We are conducting this in response to market requests so before the eternally sensitive "YE SHALL NOT DARE COMPARE TO OTHERS'' brigade gobble and strut under the pretense or guise of 'unfair marketing etc' they can do everyone a favour and go wait under the nearest bridge and await further instructions and leave this to those who have a bit of skin and appreciate a no nonsense no bullshit approach. For the purist academics allow us to be crystalline clear. This test, comparison exercise is not pretending to be 'laboratory' certified or worthy of a Nobel prize. It is no more no less done with the intent to provide a USEFUL, EASILY REPLICATED, VERIFIABLE comparison to indicate how 'popular' spotlights/searchlights compare side by side in the field in use. Note the priority is 'popular' not necessarily specification similarity so no panties out please for this... We will work our way through different lights as time permits. If you are RED HOT on having your light compared then send it to us for 14 days, we will do the test and return it with a caramello bear and last years fruit mince pies. This is going to be enlightening for some... #FYRLYTSHOOTOUT

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