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Buying driving lights in 2019? LED? HID?FYRLYT? Which is best?

The simple TRUTH about driving lights and why 'some' do not like it. Light quality. There is a great deal more to be concerned about than a blinding white light, lux, lumens and irrelevant laboratory extrapolated distance hype.

What you ACTUALLY see and how it assists your night driving safety is what matters.

FYRLYT's halogen delivers a driving light output of brightness, volume and detail no LED or HID can equal. That is supported by basic verifiable science understanding light sources re CRI (colour rendering index). No LED or HID used in driving lights achieves 100 CRI like FYRLYT's halogen. Period.

For anyone to argue differently on these specifics we suggest is either obfuscating verifiable facts, willfully ignorant or perhaps not admitting to a commercial or 'ego' driven agenda. (The 'individual' cannot tolerate that their light choice is not 'best'.)

Consider, the media, and certain re-sellers often have a conflicted agenda where they are committed to endorse and or sell the 'X' thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of LED or HID product. In the case of the media they will ALWAYS appease their revenue providers regardless. History has gone to prove this unfortunately and is in our opinion an indictment on ever present commercial conflict to the detriment of the TRUTH.

Before purchasing any light, we invite you to ask any questions to Paul or David, FYRLYT designers direct. If FYRLYT is best suited to your needs or maybe not, we will give you the TRUTH to consider with no obligation. Just call, message or email us anytime.

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