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Jamie Benaud compares FYRLYT NEMESIS 9000 to Lightforce GENESIS LED driving lights. Choosing premium

Australian Images last review comparing FYRLYT NEMESIS to the Lightforce 230 HTX ramped Jamie Benaud's server to near Chernobyl meltdown in the first 48 hours of being launched. We knew it would raise 'some' interest but nothing prepared us or Jamie for what unfolded. The viewing stats alone would make for an interesting case study in current marketing trends. The latest review, is the FYRLYT NEMESIS compared to the Lightforce Genesis LED in a more familiar round LED array configuration than the Lightforce 230 HTX LED/HID HYBRID model previously reviewed. Allow us to be crystal clear and particularly to Lightforce supporters. We regard the Lightforce Genesis as the 230 HTX as a worthy and relevant light given its price point, quality and distribution world wide. This is no doubt WHY we were consistently asked for these comparisons. If you read some 'hysterical' counter 'not fair' tirade on a forum or facebook post perhaps suggest the aggrieved read this statement lest they burst their foofter valve or big end bearing. There are many 'me too' generic re-branded Chinese lights from the cheap and cheerful to mediocre quality that simply are not in the same realm. Buyer BEWARE re some of the offerings on EBAY with claims that would not withstand preschool science 101 or more importantly probably consumer law overseen by the ACCC. This will upset a few individuals who have invested in importing stock on shelf and slick 'insta' marketing but we make no apologies in coming back to verifiable rudimentary facts. We remain skeptical to some 'Australian' brand claims as to the extent of their claimed engineering design input to Chinese sourced lights and or components. It is farcical when in minutes one can often identify the very same lights on Alibaba, especially LED utility and work lights. We propose there are two distinct types of 'thinking' when it comes to choosing or validating driving lights. 1:) Those that are enamoured with bright white light and lab figures being gospel with unshakable brand loyalty regardless of empirical data to the contrary. They are often overtly concerned more with peer validation especially on social media!

2:) The curious enthusiast who looks past marketing/media trends, seeks at the very least a fundamental comprehension of what is involved and how something works. Always interested in a bigger picture including total cost of ownership over lifetime beyond warranty period. The video is a great overview of Jamie's opinion re the lights. If you want to dig deeper we recommend you read his full article and as always feel free to contact Paul or David to ask any questions or advice obligation free.

Australian Images full article with all images and RAW NEF data for your own viewing is HERE.

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