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Driving light 5000K LED misinformation. Beware!

BUYING DRIVING LIGHTS? Look out for slick marketing videos claiming 'BEST'!

Since 2011 this has been FYRLYT's position re the importance and relevance of NOT just Kelvin BUT with the ACTUAL CRI (colour rendering index) of the light source.

Initially no brand responded and continued to market lights in the 5500K to 6500K as being "IDEAL BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT LIKE DAYLIGHT" etc. The media was and is still happy to take the advertising revenue and trumpet the sound bytes as fact.

Then something 'intriguing' happened in some brands 'marketing'. They wanted to 'appear' as experts and actually reduced their LED kelvin rating 'thinking' the market would just swallow it because they said so.

Yes high CRI LEDs exist. Why don't they use them? Answer: They are very expensive and produce less lumens per watt and currently in the realms of driving lights are not considered profitably viable.

Look out for 'THE BEST' video and consider where is the actual scientific support? Without reference to the specific CRI it is as credible as a politician selling you a monorail. Low Kelvin does not necessarily equate to high CRI either.

The science of light quality at night relevant to humans is well proven. Many years ago we posted this and it has been viewed millions of times.

Make an informed decision. Any questions just ask us. No obligation.


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