Buying premium lights for your truck, 4x4 or SUV? 'Caveat Emptor' has never been more relevant.

So, staring down the barrel of the latter half of 2019 we thought time to make a cup of tea and reflect on what is THE status quo of the market as we see and deal with it. PREMIUM driving lights over $500 is a daily discussion either by phone, online messaging or email. Every customer we now deal with has generally had some experience with LED & HID and finds themselves at a metaphorical coss road re FYRLYT's position to everything the market and media tell them. This phone call in particular and subsequent message, captures the scenario anyone purchasing at the over $500 segment of the market could find themselves in. FYRLYT has always encouraged people to research, ask questions and most importantly independently qualify that information. This customer has spent a considerable amount of money finding out for himself and come to a conclusion now many have... Just because a salesperson, brand employee, guru or expert says 'SOMETHING' does not make it TRUE. We encourage customers to verify what we say via credible scientific evidence re CRI, Tyndall, adaptive night vision etc.


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