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If you are choosing driving lights to maximise your night driving safety you need to read this.

From its beginning FYRLYT has prioritised light quality based on verifiable science. How we see at night and with artificial lighting sources particularly as we age is well researched and understood in the medical field of ophthalmology. Any brand promoting short wavelength biased light as adequate is denying this evidence. FYRLYT is the answer. Ask our customers who have made the switch. Read their feedback HERE.

The elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

What happens when you dip your driving lights? AT 100kmh you are covering 28 metres a second. In 3 seconds you have gone 84 metres. No light brand, salesperson or media will ever talk about this

. What is the effect of your lights in this crucial moment? Everyone wants to tell you HOW BRIGHT and LIKE DAYLIGHT their lights are. FYRLYT feels this is major problem in such a vital part of using driving lights. What happens when you turn them off? Repeat that dimming of lights dozens of times or more over a driving session? Everytime is your safety and that of your passengers and other road users being compromised by the very product you were sold? Think back over your lifetime how many times you can identify this experience.

Dark adaption? Long wave length is superior.

Halogen is LONG WAVELENGTH with biased red/yellow. By comparison typical driving light LEDs and HIDs are SHORT WAVELENGTH biased blue green.


"Wavelength of the threshold light: Varying the wavelengths of stimuli also affect the dark adaptation curve. Long wavelengths—such as extreme red—create the absence of a distinct rod/cone break, as the rod and cone cells have similar sensitivities to light of long wavelengths. Conversely, at short wavelengths the rod/cone break is more prominent, because the rod cells are much more sensitive than cones once the rods have dark adapted."

We invite discussion and any questions please do not hesitate to contact Paul or David, the FYRLYT designers.


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